Friday, August 19, 2016

One dream at a time!

In January I made my last business trip before the birth of our child. I traveled to Helsinki because I had a meeting. During the same trip I also visited my FB friends Deepa and Karthik. It was so nice to have some time for myself and for social media friends! My trip to Sundarbans went well in every way. In a train I had good time to think about my life. My thoughts about the blog clarified. I realized that if I had had courage to create and make Explore Bengal public, I have also courage to make it exactly what I want. When I was a student I noticed that making your dreams come true improves your happiness. That notice had given me courage and will to keep on making my dreams come true, one at a time. As a student the things I did were small. However they helped me to have the courage to make a little bit bigger dreams come true, and after that again a little bit bigger dreams.

Making your dreams come true is one way to have power over your life and affect the content of your life. When you have that power and courage, you start to feel better. The improvement of well being is based on developing your self-esteem and self-confidence. Both of them are important parts of well being. You can get better self-esteem and better self-confidence when you can be the one who makes the decisions in your life. What is funny, it doesn't matter eventually whether your dreams really come true or not. The main thing is that you have tried. Instead of saying to yourself and to the others that your can’t change your life.

But back to Explore Bengal. So how my thoughts about my blog clarified during Sundarbans trip? I realized that my passion for natural well being and finding the balance and happiness in a woman’s life was the reason why I created Explore Bengal. Those are the topics I want to concentrate in Explore Bengal. And what I mean with “natural well being”? Well, we will talk about it another day. As I've told to you, I've worked in tourism after graduation. I'm proud of my home country and region. My pride is shown in “Explore Bengal” name. I chose that name because I feel that there are so many sources of natural well being here in Bengal and in India. By having them -sources of natural well being- in life, my own well being and life balance has been improved. I want to continue to create “a natural lifestyle” in my own life. And I also want to encourage other women to do the same in their lives so that they could feel better and improve balance and happiness in their lives. That is my next dream.

I am blogging about my dreams and the people who helped make them true for the #AdviceThatMattered activity at BlogAdda in association with Stoodnt.

How I made my dream come true!

It is truly said that every woman has some things that she is passionate about and things those collectively make her who she is. No woman is limited by a single label but there are multiple layers to her abilities and personality. Here I shall talk about my life so far. I have tried to be a good human being, a courageous woman, a calculative entrepreneur and a loving mother of a eleven years boy. The thing which connects me with the rest of the world is my compassion and empathy. Even though I am a busy businesswoman, every week I make it a point to visit particular temple of our city and give food and clothes to beggars. Usually you will find many rich people doing such as a part of their social responsibility but I spend time with those beggars and listen to their problems for hours like you do with our friends.

I have a postal stamp library. I am into philately for last two decades! I've more than thirteen thousand international postal stamps, some of which are more than hundred years old! I used to be a district level champion swimmer in my college days and got many awards. Unfortunately after an elbow operation five years back I had to leave swimming. But now I play badminton sometimes! I always visit relatives and friends, taking out time from my busy schedules. Once you visit my house you would know the meaning of real hospitality. I won't tell you no for anything but once I disapprove something nothing in the world can help you out! Thus my well wishers say that I am a powerhouse of humanity, talents, bravery, determination and sportsmanship. After this short introduction about myself now I will talk about my dreams and the guidance that helped me along the way.

I have told you that presently I am an entrepreneur. When I got married I used to have fascination for sarees, especially local silk sarees. I was also attached to a micro finance agency that dealt with local silk saree makers. I had planned to set up a Saree store and talked with bank on previous few occasions. But, after my marriage when I expressed my pending interest before in-laws, they completely disapproved my idea and said “Daughter in law is supposed to take care of home, her husband and raise kids with high morals”. I didn't give up but at that moment I had ensured not to plunge into argument with my mother and father in-law. I looked for support from my husband but he too seemed to be of the same mentality as his parents! Still I did not give up and waited patiently for the right moment.

After my son was born, I confronted my in-laws, “Look, now I have given you the flag bearer for your family. I have whole heartedly served you like my own mother and father. This time I am asking for a small permission of setting up a saree store. Either you give it to me or don't. If you permit I shall be a happy member of this family and strengthen the family economy contributing like your son. If you do not permit, I shall leave and that too with my kid.” What a tough conversation it was! Finally I got approval that day and since then there was no looking back for me. That's how I made my dream come true!

I am blogging about my dreams and the people who helped make them true for the #AdviceThatMattered activity at BlogAdda in association with Stoodnt.