Sunday, October 19, 2014

A healthy child makes a happy home!!!

A healthy child makes a happy home. Truly said. We only say and partially believe things which sound good until we get those from our personal experience. Now my son is 8 years old, so he is a boy going to be a young man in few more years. But my former statement holds true for him too up till now. By grace of almighty my son is quite healthy and doesn't get frequent illnesses but when he gets once in a blue moon our entire house, i.e. our small but happy family of three becomes so dull and the joyful environment becomes like a hospital gloomy space. Here I'll recall a past incidence to show you how a healthy child makes a happy home.

My son Mohan was 3 years old then, he was in nursery. It was our anniversary day, our fifth marriage anniversary. We wanted to celebrate in a big way, inviting some fifty colleagues, fifty friends and fifty relatives for an evening party at home. Arrangements were made long before as you can understand receiving about hundred and fifty guest is not a cake walk. People used to invite three of us for various occasions till then. It was getting an one sided affair of being invitees and never being able to invite them back at our place which was bugging both of us for a long time. It was not exactly paying back a debt like feeling but you must also show your love to people who value you right? So this time we were ready and desperate to be generous hosts! Just two days back Mohan got diarrhoea, not those simple loose stool episodes but the fiery ones where the child gets really dehydrated. We had to admit him to a good nursing home and always be by his side. Doctor had told nothing much to worry but different blood tests and stool tests had to be done to exclude possible bad diseases. Luckily Mohan had no fever. Either Sujata, my wife or I used to stay with him 24 hours in the nursing home on alternate basis. Our anniversary program was in 2 days but we were least concerned about it. Yet it was a deadly feeling to postpone it by calling over hundred guests. It was our personal headache so why would others be involved in it, not at all fair. So my brother in law came to our place and took charge of organizing the event the way we wanted to do things. On that very morning the blood reports of Mohan came and he was free from any hidden infections or diseases. Diarrhoea had subsided by then. Doctor agreed to discharge our kid. We were on cloud nine and feeling back the vibe of the celebration again and that was the day we realised how a healthy child makes a happy home!!! Everything had went well that evening and thanks to my good brother in law.

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