Thursday, December 24, 2015

Incult Anthra Marl Printed Hooded Sweatshirt Review!

If you are looking to be a trend setter when you go out to the fanciest of parties on a weekend, Jabong has just the range of apparel that ensures you'd never miss that admirable glance or compliment. Winter is naughty in many layers, so keep it out of your system with this colorful Hooded sweatshirts from the house of Incult. Combining the ease of acrylic with eye-catching design, this regular-fit sweatshirt with attached hooded will definitely add grace to your look. Pair it with a Jeans or Trousers or Chinos and this utterly soft sweater will make other guys go green with envy!

Make a stylish addition to your winter wardrobe with this sweatshirt from Incult. The beautifully printed front graphics enhances the overall appeal of this grey hooded sweatshirt. Made from cotton rich fabric, this full-sleeved sweatshirt is cosy and comfortable to wear all day long. As I said before this hoodie will go well with a pair of jeans and casual shoes. I had paired it up with a Puma lower and Nike floater. I must tell you half a dozen of joggers in the park had complimented me!

This Incult hoodie is a sweatshirt with A hood. It includes a muff sewn onto the lower front, a hood, and a perfect drawstring to adjust the hood opening. Surely this hoodie is made out of high quality fabric and came with a warm hood. The hoodie Kept me warm and boosted my style quotient so high! I wish it had kangaroo pockets too. But how can you expect all the facilities in a single product? It is perfect value for money. I can recommend it to my readers without a second thought.

Product rating- 90%

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Brownie with Sugar free!

I love brownies like dogs love bones! I am not a good cook but when there is Internet there is way to do impossible feats and I finally succeeded in cooking brownies with sugar free as my today's dessert. I'll be sharing this sugar free brownie recipe with you. 

You will need:- 100 gm of butter, two eggs, five teaspoonful of Sugar free, one cup of chopped chocolate, half teaspoon baking powder, one cup flour, one spoonful vanilla extract and a pinch of salt.

This is how you need to cook it:- Mix the chopped chocolate and butter and heat it over low flame while stirring the mixture intermittently till it melts fully and mixes uniformly. Pour rest of your ingredients in a container and mix them uniformly. Add the previous molten chocolate mixture to this container and stir well once more so that everything blends proportionately. At last add the flour and mix it nicely to the preformed mixture. Put an aluminium foil over a baking pan and pour the content over it. Insert the pan an oven preheated to 400 degrees F. Bake it for half an hour. Take it out gently and let it cool down in half an hour. Cut it into yummy pieces of brownies and enjoy your own cooked sugar free brownies!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

About a #madeofgreat Lady!

It is truly said that every woman has some things that she is passionate about and things those collectively make her who she is. No woman is limited by a single label but there are multiple layers to her abilities and personality. Here I shall narrate about my cousin sister Sonal Di who is not only a very good human being but also a courageous woman, calculative entrepreneur and a loving mother of a eleven years boy! I'm so glad to get all positive influences from her and she is someone I undeniably consider #madeofgreat

The thing which connects Sonal di with the rest of the world is her compassion and empathy. Even though she is a busy businesswoman every week she makes it a point to visit particular temple of our city and give food and clothes to beggars. Usually you will find many rich people doing such as a part of their social responsibility but Sonal di spends time with those beggars and listens to their problems for hours like we do with our friends! Have you seen such an empathetic woman? At least I have not.

Sonal di has a postal stamp library. She is into philately for last two decades! She has more than thirteen thousand international postal stamps, some of which are more than hundred years old! She used to be a district level champion swimmer in her college days and got many awards. Unfortunately after her elbow operation five years back she had to leave swimming. But now she plays badminton!

As Sonal di is somewhat elder to me I have been observing her since my early childhood. She always visits relatives and friends, taking out time from her busy schedules. Once you visit her house you would know the meaning of real hospitality. She won't tell you no for anything but once she disapproves something nothing in the world can help you out! Thus she is a powerhouse of humanity, talents, bravery, determination and sportsmanship.

When Sonal di got married she used to have fascination for sarees, especially local silk sarees. She was also attached to a micro finance agency that dealt with local silk saree makers. Sonal di had planned to set up a Saree store and talked with bank on previous few occasions. But, after her marriage when she expressed her pending interest before her in-laws, they completely disapproved her idea and said “Daughter in law is supposed to take care of home, her husband and raise kids with high morals”. She didn't give up but at that moment she ensured not to plunge into argument with her mother and father in-law. She looked for support from her husband but he too seemed to be of the same mentality as his parents! Still she did not give up and waited patiently for the right moment.

After her son was born, she confronted her in-laws, “Look, now I have given you the flag bearer for your family. I have whole heartedly served you like my own mother and father. This time I am asking for a small permission of setting up a saree store. Either you give it to me or don't. If you permit I shall be a happy member of this family and strengthen the family economy contributing like your son. If you do not permit, I shall leave and that too with my kid.” What a tough conversation it must had been! Thus she got approval that day and since then there was no looking back for her.

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Another Someone who is #madeofgreat

If think deeply, for me, apart from my father if there is a second someone who is #madeofgreat it has to be none other than my uncle. I learnt the art of patience from my uncle. He is a very cool man. I never saw him agitated or shouting at anybody. In childhood when I forgot tables and committed the same mistake again and again I got scolding from mother, father but never from uncle. His patience was even talked about in whole family. When everybody shouted on delayed gas connection, everybody at home got restless and shouted at poor infrastructure and corrupt Government but uncle kept his faith strong on the power of patience.

I’ll narrate one story here today where you’ll be amazed by my uncle’s patience and salute my reason for considering him as someone undeniably #madeofgreat. Summer heat was getting out of control and we went for a pilgrimage trip. We mean- me, mother, father, uncle and aunt. We went to a Shiva temple. Our darshan was uneventful and all fared as per assumption. But while returning weather turned violent and nothing much we could do to return back home. In those days we were not having our own vehicle. Buses from there to our hometown got cancelled due to cats and dogs rain. But still, some pilgrims managed to book few ambassadors to return back home. They agreed to share the expense of cabs among themselves. Like everybody else my parents and aunt was happy too and nodded their heads for the same. After all what could be better than a same day return in a wicked summer tiring day! But somehow uncle didn't like the idea and he explained other three adults that there’s no harm in patiently waiting for the good weather as the temple had adjoining lodging facilities for the tourists. Everyone disagreed but seeing the raging lightning cutting through the horizon they had to sick back to uncle’s plan. Next day we came to know that the pool en route had broken down and two taxis packed with pilgrims fell from such height that they couldn't even get a chance to reach hospital alive. Well you may call it the power of intuition but I call it the boon of patience. My uncle left a lasting impression on me and so I consider him as someone who is #madeofgreat!

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Someone who is #madeofgreat

If I sit and think deeply, for me, my father is that someone who is #madeofgreat. He taught me in childhood how to eat, walk, sleep and stop crying. He taught me how o grow up even when the wind was strong. My father never let any adversity touch or pull down my moral. In this post about someone undeniably #madeofgreat I’ll speak only of my father who is not only my role model but also my first friend, philosopher and guide. If today I’m able to write good English it’s all due to him.

I have always seen that father never went out to work without having food, a habit that I acquired from him. We should not leave home in morning without having food because that causes acidity and also weakness. Moreover elders say it’s an ominous sign to leave food and go from home. So, father’s habit of leaving home only after food left a deep impression on me. I too noticed when I go out for work after eating my tensions are less and I can give maximum output. I totally love the way I acquired my father’s habit.

My father is very sincere in his duties too. I remember when we were children; many times we missed movie opportunities due to father’s overtime involvement in his organization. Those days it was tough to digest that what I know now as sincerity and dedication and prioritization for work. We should never mix up our professional and personal life and my father was the one who taught me this. Now I’m proud to be able to apply it in my daily life. Truly said, dad is his kid’s first hero and most ideal role model, most genuine and trustworthy off course! To all young kids there, my message would be love your dad the way he is, follow him and I’m sure you’ll be much more a refined and good human being.

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My take on Diwali styling with a twist!

This is my 4th contest/event with Jabong. I am yet to win any prize though. Wish me luck.

Diwali is the festival of light. Whole India gets festive in Diwali time. We eat good, feel good and dress good. So I am dressing up for Diwali in a way never-seen-before style by selecting awesome outfits from Jabong. I am embracing tradition my way and expressing my take on Diwali styling with a twist!

I'll be decorating myself with:-

1) Sanwara Printed Multi Colour Churidar Kurta Pyjama

2) Metro Tan Sandals

3) Ray Ban Aviator Large Metal

4) Michael Kors Mk8096 Copper/Rose Analog Watch

Hope respected judges like my
#traditionmyway styling and shower me with their kind blessings.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

keep your baby’s soft skin safe!

Your child's skin, so delicate, smooth and sleek, that you just can't resist the urge to touch it. As a mother, you have the delight of cuddling those plump little cheeks, dimpled thighs, modest fingers and toes. You likewise have the obligation of looking after and shielding your child's fragile skin from bothering, chemicals, sensitivities and the earth, just to give some examples. Skincare can appear to be confounded with the plenty of items, restorative studies and conclusions in the commercial center. So I've incorporated some essential, simple to-take after skincare nuts and bolts to give you the certainty and information to sustain and calm your infant's skin. We realize that children are not that grimy, but rather regardless you need to take after a customary, evening time shower schedule. Is this quieting for your infant, as well as wash away oils and abundance dry skin that can prompt support top and other skin conditions. Utilizing warm water as a part of most zones is more than adequate. Save your scent free, ph-adjusted cleanser for the zones that need it, similar to child bottoms and plump creases of skin. Dampness recharges what your infant's skin loses and gives your kid a defensive boundary, so you need to do this all the time, as a rule morning and night. What kind of cream would it be a good idea for you to pick? Creams are great decisions in light of the fact that they contain more oil, go on easily, and contain humectants, which offer the skin some assistance with retaining dampness. Moisturizers can likewise work and are anything but difficult to apply, yet may dry out delicate skin. Salves give the best dampness however are somewhat oily and don't ingest well. You might need to change the utilization of these, contingent upon whether it's after shower, connected to dry skin or at sleep time. Despite which you utilize, dependably pick scent free as aromas are one of the main allergens today. Also, while additives are important to counteract bacterial and parasitic development, maintain a strategic distance from hurtful ones like parabens and phthalates. As mothers, we're taught to look for certain skin conditions – child skin break out, support top, diaper rash and even dermatitis – and there are steps you can take to keep these. For instance, you generally need to apply a decent emollient (cream that avoids water misfortune) in the diaper zone each day and particularly around evening time. Tender cleansers, creams and treatments – not just moisturizers – are awesome instruments for skin inflammation counteractive action, and may be particularly judicious for families where nourishment and respiratory hypersensitivities (a typical connection with dermatitis) are available. (For more data on skin inflammation counteractive action and treatment, read The "Did You Knows" of Eczema.) Also, a customary infant shower, complete with a delicate swarm brush for the head and scalp, can help in the battle against support top and infant skin inflammation. At last, everybody ought to maintain a strategic distance from sun presentation, however it's particularly imperative for your youngster. Continuously guarantee your tyke is legitimately dressed and shielded from the sun. Keep away from transparently presenting an infant to the sun's most unsafe beams between the hours of 10am–4pm. For children six months and more established, you ought to apply – and reapply – sunscreen from head-to-toe no less than 15 minutes before you go out into the sun. At long last, utilize the 2-3 day dependable guideline. In case you're not seeing change in this time span( (for any of the above skin conditions), counsel a dermatologist for extra offer assistance. With these infant skincare nuts and bolts, you can rest guaranteed that you're doing the right things for your infant's wellbeing and skin, and keeping those cheeks delicate and kissable for quite a long time to come!

Pampers brings you the softest ever Pampers Premium Care Pants. Its cotton-like softness is #SoftestForBabySkin and allows it to breathe, thus keeping baby’s skin soft and healthy, and your baby happy at BlogAdda.

How to keep a baby’s soft skin safe?

There's nothing entirely like the delicate, fragile skin of a child. What's more, in no way like a grumpy newborn child aggravated by diaper rash, support top, or another skin condition. While your child is immaculate, your infant's skin may not be. Numerous children are inclined to skin aggravation in the initial couple of months after conception. Here's the way to spot and treat regular infant skin issues and to keep a baby’s soft skin safe. Children are inclined to rashes. The uplifting news about your infant's rashes: Most cause no mischief and go away all alone. While watching over infant's skin may appear to be perplexing, all you truly need to know are three basic things: Which conditions would you be able to treat at home? Which require restorative treatment? Furthermore, in what capacity would you be able to keep child from encountering skin issues in the first place? In the event that child has red skin around the diaper range, you're managing diaper rash. Most diaper rashes happen in light of skin aggravation because of diapers that are too tight; wet diapers left on for a really long time; or a specific brand of cleanser, diapers, or infant wipes. Dodge it by keeping the diaper territory open to the air as far as might be feasible, changing your child's diaper when it's wet, washing with a warm material, and applying zinc oxide cream. Infant "skin break out" is not by any means skin break out, similar to the kind young people get. Truth be told, late research proposes that it might be identified with yeast, not oil creation. Pimples on child's nose and cheeks normally clear up without anyone else's input in a couple of weeks. So you don't have to treat child skin inflammation or use cream. Loads of infants have skin colorations - more than one in ten in actuality. Pigmentations, territories of skin staining, are not acquired. They may arrive when your child is conceived, or they may show up a couple of months after the fact. For the most part skin colorations are nothing to stress over and require no treatment. However, in the event that your infant's skin pigmentation stresses you, converse with your pediatrician. Skin inflammation is a bothersome, red rash that might possibly happen because of a trigger. It is basic in kids who have a family history of asthma, sensitivities, or atopic dermatitis. Skin inflammation may happen on endearing face's as a teary rash. After some time it turns out to be thick, dry, and flaky. You might likewise see dermatitis on the elbow, mid-section, arms, or behind the knees. To treat it, distinguish and stay away from any triggers. Use delicate cleansers and cleansers and apply direct measures of lotions. More extreme skin inflammation ought to be treated with physician recommended drug. You likely shouldn't stress if your infant has peeling, dry skin - it regularly happens if your infant is conceived somewhat late. The basic skin is alive and well, delicate, and wet. On the off chance that your newborn child's dry skin continues, converse with your infant's pediatrician. Support top can appear amid child's first or second month, and for the most part clears up inside of the first year. Likewise called seborrheic dermatitis, support top is brought on to some extent by overabundance oil and appears as a textured, waxy, red rash on the scalp, eyebrows, eyelids, the sides of the nose, or behind the ears. Your pediatrician will prescribe the best treatment for support top, which may incorporate an extraordinary cleanser, infant oil, or certain creams and moisturizers. Appearing as little pinkish-red knocks, thorny warmth normally shows up on the parts of your infant's body that are inclined to sweating, similar to the neck, diaper zone, armpits, and skin folds. A cool, dry environment and baggy garments are everything you need to treat thorny warmth rash - which can even be acquired on winter when child is over-packaged. Have a go at dressing infant in layers that you can uproot when things warmth up. Children can breathe in the fine grains of talcum powder or the bigger particles of cornstarch, which could bring about lung issues. So it's best to abstain from utilizing them on your baby. Upwards of one in two babies get the minimal white knocks known as milia. Showing up for the most part on the nose and face, they're brought on by skin chips blocking oil organs. Milia are here and there called "child skin inflammation," however infant skin inflammation is identified with yeast. For this situation, infant healthy skin is simple: As child's organs open up through the span of a couple of days or weeks, the knocks generally vanish, and require no treatment. Yeast diseases regularly show up after your child has had a round of anti-infection agents, and show up diversely relying upon where they are on your infant's skin. Thrush shows up on the tongue and mouth, and looks like dried milk, while a yeast diaper rash is brilliant red, regularly with little red pimples at the rash edges. Converse with your pediatrician: Thrush is treated with a hostile to yeast fluid pharmaceutical, while an against parasitic cream is utilized for a yeast diaper rash. Dodging skin rashes will keep your child grinning and cheerful: Use a tender cleanser to wash everything that touches your newborn child's skin, from bedding and covers, to towels and even your own garments. You'll eliminate the probability of child creating aggravated or irritated skin. Typically happening a few days after conception, jaundice is a yellow hue that influences infant's skin and eyes. It's basic in untimely babies. Brought about by an excessive amount of bilirubin (a breakdown result of red platelets), the condition ordinarily vanishes when child is 1 or 2 weeks old. Treatment for jaundice may incorporate more incessant feedings or, for more serious cases, light treatment (phototherapy). On the off chance that your infant looks yellow, converse with your specialist. The sun may feel awesome, yet it could be uncovering your infant's skin to the danger of harming sunburn. You can utilize infant sunscreen on babies at any age. Caps and umbrellas are additionally useful for infants. In any case, for the best security from sunburn, keep your newborn child out of direct daylight amid the initial six months of life. For mellow newborn child sunburn apply a cool fabric to infant's skin for 10-15 minutes a couple times every day. For more serious sunburn, call your youngster's pediatrician. Apply sunscreen to the regions of infant's skin that can't be secured by garments. You can likewise utilize zinc oxide on infant's nose, ears, and lips. Spread whatever remains of your child's skin in garments and a wide-overflowed cap. Shades shield kids' eyes from unsafe beams. Looking for infant healthy skin items? Toning it down would be ideal. Search for things without colors, aroma, phthalates and parabens - all of which could bring about skin bothering. If all else fails, converse with your pediatrician to check whether an item is suitable for infant skin. Keep in mind, infant skin is delicate and touchy. Keep infant's skin hydrated by showering in warm water for just three to five minutes. Abstain from letting your child sit or play or absorb for long foamy water. Apply an infant salve or cream instantly after shower while skin is still wet, and after that pat dry as opposed to rubbing. On the off chance that rashes or other skin conditions are making your infant fractious, attempt child rub. Delicately stroking and kneading child's skin can help unwinding, as well as lead to better rest and diminish or quit crying, as indicated by a late study. Most child skin rashes and issues aren't not kidding, yet a couple may be indications of contamination - and need close consideration. In the event that child's skin has little, red-purplish dabs, if there are yellow liquid filled knocks (pustules), or if infant has a fever or dormancy, see your pediatrician for restorative treatment immediately.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

An advice which made my life!

In the previous article I had mentioned of Rahul Dravid's wise words from a TV commercial, “Advice toh sabhi dete hai,but the point is who you take it from”- So true! We come across only a hand few souls in your life whose #SachchiAdvice make/s real difference in our lives. Here I will write about another such advice that had changed my life.

Like many of you I, too, had a lot of apprehensions towards failures and setbacks initially. Certainly it is too hard to get rid your fears, anxieties and baseless worries. When you aren't unclothed to raw circumstances involving a chance of jeopardy, suffering or toil, you normally don't have the spirit to get into. Instead you try to find excuses to avert things and seem too unwilling to plunge in. I too used to be that kind of sloth. I tried to fancy things even if they seemed so far-flung and impossible. I thought over and over how to start an enterprise. I would think how to do it with a midget fund I had and most of all how to run a business smoothly with no previous exposure. I would get frigid with fright if I would go wrong and lose my little savings. The thinking was so awful that it would give me goosebumps.

But one piece of advice from an little acquainted friend changed my entire mind map. One day she asked me why I hadn't started my own business yet. I told her that I hadn't got adequate skill to start it and she told me sarcastically, “Buddy, how can you master swimming until you plunge into the water?” That one odd yet simple piece of advice was sufficient to ignite the flame in me. I am truly too thankful to that special person. Hadn't she told me that , I wouldn't have started my own venture until now? I had a stingy principle and I invested it in business and luckily it brought me earnings just after few months and it spiked my spirit and self-confidence so much that I never looked back again, and my journey is still on!

I am participating in the #SachchiAdvice Contest by MaxLife in Association with BlogAdda.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Airtel 4G has arrived - The Fastest Network Ever!

I am an Airtel user since last 10 years. The reason is pretty simple. I get Airtel network even where electricity and drinking water fail to reach! Apart from their extensive network coverage things which kept me loyal to this telecom company all these years are clear voice quality, minimal call drops, most economic tariff plans and swiftest mobile internet. What else would you expect from your mobile telecom operator? Today I was so excited to know that Bharti Airtel limited has gone one step farther and upgraded to 4G service- Airtel 4G, the fastest network ever, as they are claiming it to be! If you were always unsatisfied with the speed of your current Internet service provider, Airtel 4G is the right thing for you. You do not have to stay awake whole night to download bulky files to avail cheap night time offers as offered by many Internet service providers, which harms your health and spoils your sleep cycle. You have to watch low resolution video streaming anymore as Airtel 4G is fabulous but not expensive at all! I will be narrating you what I will be doing with the unbelievable speed of Airtel 4G network under my hood. But before that few important things you must know for your general knowledge and better understanding. You will be double surprised to know that Airtel is providing this lightning fast 4G service at the cost of 3G- how amazing! Did you know that Airtel is the first telecom operator in our country to start this 4G service and that too across 296 cities? Airtel has made is more simplified for users like us to obtain a 4G enabled SIM card. If you have a 4G compatible mobile handset what you have to do is tweet #GetAirtel4G and let Airtel do the rest for you. You can relax in your home comfortably without thinking anything while Airtel will deliver a 4G SIM at your doorstep totally free of cost!

Now it is the time to talk about how I will utilize these incredible speeds of a mind-boggling 4G network. Due to weird office hours often I miss my favorite TV serials. Those TV serials are later watchable in HD quality through their respective TV channel websites and also in few third party websites with a nominal fee. I am talking of the legal way only. Otherwise billions of Internet users take the illegal approach to downloaded high quality pirated copies which I am strongly against of. So, I will be watching those serials flawlessly, with a lag through my Airtel 4G. Sometimes the TV cable malfunctions during a live game. In those situations I can watch the game online. Other than this I can upload my important documents and large files in reliable web storage services through my 4G network so easily and sleep peacefully without a fear of ever losing them. So what are your plans with #Airtel4G?    

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Stay connected to the game with UC Cricket!!!

In our country India, cricket is not only a game but a part and parcel of our lives. Even it is sometimes refered to as a religion! We can leave our works, choose cricket as our foremost priority and sit in the stadium for an entire day in extreme weather conditions to watch a full cricket match. It goes much beyond that. We can even sit for five consecutive full days to watch a slowly progressing test match which is heading towards a draw! Once a Russian diplomat after visiting or country was astonished to see our devotion and craze for this game called cricket and had commented “how the hell a country can progress if half of the population can readily waste full five days watching cricket matches?” Those days only test cricket used to be played. Neither we care for such criticism nor do we waste time in analyzing his criticism as constructive or useless one. Reason is only one- We love cricket and we are serious, sincere and totally dedicated towards this one and only game!

To watch a game of cricket, sometimes we bunk school, college, office, get scolding from parents, lie colleagues, make colourful plans with friends, fight with spouse and this list of what we do is endless! What we never do is cancelling the plan of watching a cricket match. It is that addictive and entertaining for Indian soul. So it would be great if we can keep track of all cricket matches, be it international or national through mobile phone as mobile phone is the only gadget we carry along with us almost twenty four hours except few hours of sleep. It is a different thing that majority of young generation folks keep their phones beside their pillows even when they are sleeping, ignoring the harmful effect of electromagnetic radiation on health. Recently when I came across a much needed news that UC Browser, the fastest mobile browser in the world has come up with the innovative facility- UC Cricket I was overwhelmed and genuinely relieved. UC Cricket is a free service by which we all cricket fans can keep track of all ongoing cricket statistics and news right in our smart phone screens with a single tap! Could it be any more easier than this? On behalf of all cricket loving human beings I would love to thank UC Browser most sincerely for launching UC Cricket and letting us to stay connected with live cricket maches 'on the go', while not missing chores of our professional or personal lives which are no less important if thought in rational mind! Previously few mobile apps were there but, either they were not free or they used to consume a lot of mobile data. Thankfully, UC Cricket is fast, free and minimum data consuming feature that is sure to capture hearts of billion cricket fans throughout the globe.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

What is this #EkNayiLeague Kapil is talking about?

Kapil Dev is one of those rare celebrities in Indian sports who is more idolized for the uniqueness of his achievements than those achievements in themselves. As he belonged to that glorious era of test cricket I would like to remind you of his test achievements in short- 5248 test runs and 434 test wickets simple say what an amazing bowling all-rounder he was! In front of these special feats when we think of how extraordinary he had been as Indian cricket captain we will surely get goosebumps. You all know why I used the word 'extraordinary'. Kapil lead our country in 1983 World Cup Cricket triumph which had revolutionized the entire cricketing history of this present day cricket-crazy nation. Today when I look at him with surprised wide open eyes in #EkNayiLeaguevideo, by seeing this 56 plus years veteran man I can very well assume how fit he had been in his cricketing days. Interestingly my assumption got supported by a trivia that I came across- Kapil Dev never had to miss a test match due to fitness reasons! Now a days thousands of ads are flooding the television or Internet. It is very difficult which one to trust as most of them are anchored on our favorite celebrities. So, why would one fall for this #EkNayiLeague promo? Well, a great man is not just known by his deeds but by his character. In 1987 Kapil Dev's honesty costed a match for India! This is the man in our #EkNayiLeague video. He always played from his heart, of course not to forget his prudent use of brains in formulating strategies as a captain. But in these campaign videos he says that if we play from heart we will get a googly, i.e. the man who have always given his efforts from heart is saying us something otherwise! There got to be some solid reasons right? Before trying to guess what is this #EkNayiLeague Kapil is talking about, I searched internet thoroughly, including all popular social media platforms known to me, but, I could not fetch any information that could satisfy my curiosity. This is the first time I came across such a secret campaign and that too by such a grand calebrity. In these videos Kapil Dev challenges few well known successful celebrities like- Dhoni (the great Indian cricket captain), Sania Mirza (Indian tennis superstar) and Kapil Sharma (much popular standing comedian). Probably Kapil is planning some television reality show. Although I can only guess but it can be a quiz show like Kaun banega croropati or a fortune show like Zada ya kum. In both ways, contestants can depend on hearts' sayings and if they have to win they have to use their brains perfectly. I can't guess anything much about #EkNayiLeague as of now and I would rather wait patiently as Kapil himself unfolds the reality!   

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Asus Zenfone 2 could redefine my smart phone experience!!!

Since the starting of the new year 2015 I have been hearing all good things about Asus Zenfone 2 and honestly so many positive notion throughout the internet made me curious of this new Zenfone model from Asus. Previously all I understood by the brand Asus was robust laptops and tablets but now it has launched its mobile phones in the competitive market of smart phones, starting with the first generation various models of Zenfone! As there are already too many mobile phone brands with too many models existing in the present market, Asus made its strategy very simple but smart. All Zenfone models are feature rich but surprisingly affordable. The same spirit was passed onto its successor Zenfone 2! Today, lend me your ears ladies and gentlemen, as I will be telling you five reasons why I feel Asus Zenfone 2 could redefine my smart phone experience. I feel you'll fall in love with Zenfone 2 after listening to my reasons.

Asus Zenfone 2 has a jumbo 5.5-inch Full HD IPS display screen which holds an incredible 403ppi pixel density surrounded by an ultra-narrow bezel, giving ZenFone 2 an extraordinary 72% screen-to-body ratio for the best viewing experience! It means Zenfone 2 will keep me entertained with high quality videos rich in color and details. The rich pixel density, high resolution and big screen size in unison mean another advantage. If you are a ebook lover or a nerd you do not have to carry a lot of books as your Zenfone would hold them all for your studying pleasure. Such easy readability and fine visibility would certainly redefine my smart phone experience.

The mammoth battery of my Asus Zenfone 2, coupled with ASUS BoostMaster Technology which can charge up the empty battery to its 60% in less than forty minutes, will help it to run for hours, uninterrupted! The most frequent frustration in smart phone user is 'battery running out' and my smart phone won't leave my hand for hours in that aspect. Obviously t is understandable that when the waiting time is less, action time is more!

Android smart phones are often known for their lagging/hanging issues and above that resource consuming applications and games are flooding the market. But Zenfone 2 is having a top notch 2.3GHz 64-bit Intel® Atom™ Z3580 processor and has 4GB RAM! It can be well assumed how fast this phone will be in analyzing and interpreting! With effortless multitasking, full HD video playback and freedom to run any system hungry app Zenfone 2 will surely redefine my smart phone experience.

Apart from the modest secondary camera to check out my face more often, it has 13MP PixelMaster primary camera and f/2.0-aperture lens to capture impressive, high-resolution photos with almost negligible shutter lag! Unlike other camera phones you can capture photos in dark environment and trust me those pictures are quite usable like a DSLR! With such a compact yet versatile camera Zenfone 2 would redefine my smart phone experience for sure!

My fifth reason would be the reliable one year of warranty from Asus. Otherwise I have seen people getting harassed in the name of free servicing by many other phone brands, ending up with bad smart phone user experience. But I know what an Asus after sales service means. So, these are my five reasons and please let me know yours.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

I am going to Guptaji's house for nashta!!!

I am not much of a breakfast person. I take coffee and cookies in the morning and take my next food when I get opportunity or hunger, whichever arrives earlier. But I know it is very healthy to start your day with a heavy breakfast. You will be encouraged to know that whatever rich you eat in your breakfast, usually get digested as body is in its best shape in the morning hours. So, when I came to know of “Kellogg's Waale Guptaji ka Nashta” I was not much interested in the beginning. With over a hundred yummy recipes, Guptaji’s family surely knows how to whip up the perfect breakfast for any occasion but as I told you before I am not used to with having breakfast on regular basis. Yet, my inner voice provoked me to visit Guptaji's Facebook page to find why everybody around them are so interested to have breakfast with them. Well, to speak the truth, I got clean bowled as soon as I read couple of their breakfast recipes and today through this blog post I will tell you why I would want to visit their house for Nashta (breakfast).

I have been invited previously in several occasions to neighbors', friends' and relatives' places for food, be it breakfast, lunch, snacks or dinner. Many of those invitations remained memorable since they served mouthwatering food. Tasty food gives unlimited gratification but as soon as you finish it like a hungry monster the first worry that encircles you is the prospect of digestion and the calorie you consumed! What I have observed is, unlike Guptaji's Family, most other hosts only focus on taste, not the nutritional aspect of the food. Spicy foods with potency to cause Delhi belly is the hallmark of our tasty food. But it is to be remembered that those unforgettable yummy foods can't be swallowed on a daily basis if at all you want to remain healthy. Right now, midst those hundred healthy breakfast recipes, Cornflakes Coconut Ladoos of Gupta family caught my maximum attention. Those six globular ladoos, with polygonal mosaic pattern over them, definitely looking crispy, sitting comfortably over a thin layer of crunchy Kellogg's cornflakes, on a fine looking spindle shaped white tray looked simply irresistible! Strikingly I came to know that such awesome preparation can be made in just ten minutes! The ingredients were not only very minimum and easily obtainable but also with high nutritional value. All you need are- two cups of crushed Kellogg's corn flakes, two tablespoon of chopped mixed nut, a quarter cup of condensed mild, a quarter cup of ghee and some desiccated coconut! So, I have my reasons ready to visit Guptaji's house for Nashta. Moreover they are very cultured and hospitable human beings. Who won't like them? You may also check their Facebook page for fantastic recipes and tell me why would you want to visit Guptaji's family for Nashta.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

How I started a new Life!!!

Although it may sound boastful but I take ample pride to introduce myself as dynamic and bold person. Words without action are nothing better than a painted ship which never touched the water. But I have acted in my best possible manner, and hence I am narrating my story in this post. This story revolves around the time when I took a bold step and brought about a big change in my own life. I took control of my own life and made my choices instead of making irreversible compromises. I denied to get subdued by conventional mentality of my new found family and other social stigmas. If the story of my life succeeds to inspire other women who are hesitant to take bold steps and make big changes in their lives, I will consider it a real winning for me.

Right now I run my own business and I have a respectable position in society. When I got married, eleven years back, I used to have fascination for local wooden handicrafts. Although I was not an artist myself, I used to get sad by the deprived condition of talented local handicraft artisans. I was also volunteering in a micro financing agency which promoted wooden craftsmen. Meanwhile I planned of opening a wooden handicraft emporium where artists could sell their handmade products at a price of their choice. This was going on after I had completed my masters in economics. Then one fine day, suddenly I got married and it was obviously an arranged marriage. But, after my marriage when I expressed my long due interest before my in-laws, they completely disapproved the idea and said “Daughter in law is supposed to take care of home, her husband and raise kids with high morals”! Honestly I didn't give up but at that moment I ensured not to plunge into argument with my mother and father in-law. I looked for support from my beloved husband but he too seemed to be of the same mentality as his parents! Still I did not give up and waited patiently for the right moment to take a bold leap.

After my son was born, I confronted my in-laws with due respect and equally in-suppressible determination, “Look, now I have given you your grandchild for your family. I have whole heartedly served you like my own mother and father. This time I am asking for a small authorization of setting up a handicraft emporium. Either you give it to me or don't. If you permit I shall be a happy member of this family and strengthen the family economy contributing like your son. If you do not permit, I shall leave and that too with my kid.” What a hard-hitting conversation it had been! Thus I got consent that day and since then there was no looking back for me. Thus a bold step brought a huge change in my life! 


Friday, March 6, 2015

A moment that had filled me with optimism and hope!!!

Our world is getting smaller day by day and same goes for our heart. We are losing humanity and becoming brutal as well as chaotic. In such circumstances it is very difficult to keep optimism and hope on human nature or humanity. So, today I'll tell you a story around a moment that filled me with optimism and hope for the future of humanity! It was the semester break in our poly-technique engineering college. We had a small peer group of five friends- three boys, two girls- Rajat, Arghya, Priyadarshini, Mita and me. We hated staying in college campus at Bishnupur in semester breaks. There was no air conditioner either in our hostel rooms, so, tolerating summer of Bishnupur was a big talent which none of us had! So we always made some plans and ventured out on our hero Honda motorcycles. I was the single guy and others were couples. This time we decided to travel a tribal village of Purulia.

Purulia, the land of santhals (a tribe) has rocky and undulating landscape, with bio-diversity rich ciduous forests, red soil and red blooms of Palash flower! This Bengal extension of chotanagpur plateau is the home of different tribes like Sanhals, Kheriyars, Shabas, Kurmis etc to mention a few. They are always in festive mood in spite of harsh lives. They dance as they walk and sing as they speak! Santhali dance, performed by both men and women of the tribe is considered to be one of the best folk dances in India which offers immense vivacity and exuberance. Our program was to reach Baranti by late morning, wander in the tribal landscape to enjoy natural charm, enjoy the stay in eco resort which we had booked earlier and then end the day with tribal dance which resort guys organize for tourists. Everything went well up to the dinner.

Couples were gossiping in their respective cottages. I was on my own. It was a full moon night. I went out in forest with my SLR camera to photograph night beauty of moonlit nature surrounding me. Once as I used the camera flash, I heard a roar that panicked me. My heartbeat almost stopped seeing a big black creature with glowing eyes hardly 10-15 meters away from me. I tried to run away but fell down like a trapped deer. With all my efforts I tried to shout but my voice choked. I was seeing nothing but death before my eyes and it was imminent! Suddenly a woman clad in white saree arrived from nowhere with a spear in her hand. She made out a shrill frightening sound. Her language was Greek to me. In few seconds the black animal, had to be wild bear, walked back into the forest. I kept staring at that unknown tribal goddess. She didn't bother to look back and vanished inside the forest equally fast before I could ask her details.

That day, that santhali woman gave me a new life and didn't care to accept my thanks and gratitude. She was my savior. She filled me that day with optimism and hope for the future of humanity!

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Three reasons why I would prefer chat over a phone!

In a previous blog post I had written about how I would be using Quikr to my advantage if I have to relocate to Bangalore. Surprisingly the Bangalore Quikr page turned out to be the cheapest option for buying my basic start up goods and that made me a Quikr fan. Today I was overwhelmed to see that Quikr has introduced web-chat feature which is certainly a new idea and a welcome step to next generation buying or selling items. Here I will tell you how it is superior over other contact options.

I could directly tell you advantages of this Quikr chat feature but that won't help you to realize its importance unless you get a view of the present market options. At first let us discuss how the system works in other classified websites. There the seller puts up an ad of the item he wants to sell. Sometimes all the details are well enlisted by the seller with relevant photos of the product and his contact number or email address. But most of the time details are inadequate and photos are either taken from internet or simply absent! If you are a buyer either you have to mail or call the seller. Mailing is mostly a slow option and many people in India still do not check their mail inbox regularly. If you call the seller can be busy at that moment and may not be free enough or rather polite enough to interact with you in a way you would expect him to do. Keep it in mind, your phone balance is getting consumed whether the talk was productive or not! But with Quikr chat you are interacting in real time with buyers or sellers. Thus no waiting period, no monetary expenses and no psychological stress from any end!

In phone the buyer may express his desire to see few more clear photos of the product. If you are a seller you have to cut the call, take photographs and send to prospective buyer's email address. But with Quikr chat it can be done in less than a minute, thus making the whole process hell lot quicker! Quikr chat also enables you to hide you contact details, helping you to save your precious mail address or mobile phone number from people with doubtful intentions. Recently a lady known to me had put ad of her old books in another classified website. Since the day she had put her ad, she started getting objectionable calls and vulgar messages from various unknown numbers. Thus Quikr chat will help to avoid such unwanted scenarios for women in our society which is very essential. So, these are my overall three reasons for preferring Quikr chat over phone. Would you please explore Quikr and let me know what do you think about the amazing Quikr NXT?

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

It's just Quikr in Bangalore! My relocation plan!!!

I have heard too many good things about Bangalore as a city. So, when I came across this Happy Hour theme by Quikr and Indiblogger I loved the whole idea of relocating to Bangalore. Bangalore has excellent weather throughout the year, there are plenty of food options, city is clean, transportation is reliable and most importantly people are helpful to outsiders unlike many other places! In spite of all these merits, relocating to a new place is never quite easy without friendly or some professional assistance. Recently I have been hearing a positive reviews about Quikr website, connecting buyers and sellers throughout our country. You get new as well as used products as unbelievably low price at Quikr! So, as I'm relocating to Bangalore and I have no friend there who could help me in setting up my flat, Quikr seemed like the only trustworthy friend who could help. The moment I explored the Bangalore page for Quikr I was highly relieved. You know why? Because, everything that I ould be needing to start up with are all there and that too at rates, multiple times lower than market price!

Refrigerator is an essential thing for any home right? Every time you can not cook fresh food especially when you are living alone and has an office to attend from morning to evening. But if you visit an outlet nothing mediocre usually comes below fifteen thousand rupees. I searched for a refrigerator in Quikr and I managed to grab a 185 liter LG fridge (new looking!) for less than 6500 rupees!

Coming back to apartment, after office it will be so boring for non alcoholic if there's no other source of entertainment at home. So, I cleverly decided to get myself a television set from Quikr. I am not a big fan of LCD/LED/Plasma TV. Got a 29 inches Philips color TV for 6500 rupees. How could I ignore such deal?

Now comes essential furnitures- bed. While buying bed I could not accept the idea of an used bed by some stranger. To my surprise there I found a new queen size double bed only for a minium tag of 8500 rupees. I never thought that furnitures would come so cheap. Hats off to you guys a Quikr, you are doing a fabulous job

When someone visits me every time I can't make him/her stand outside door but can't welcome to sit over my bed. At around 6000 rupees Quikr introduced to me a good looking red five seater sofa. Then I too can invite my colleagues and Quikr made it possible!

Washing clotes was never my strong point. A washing machine is a must and Quikr acquainted me with a semi automatic washing machine for only 4000 rupees!

See, how easily I planned my relocation to Bangalore with help of Quikr, spending around only thirty thousand bucks!

(This is a Happy Hour topic, sponsored by Quikr in association with Indiblogger)