Saturday, July 19, 2014

My Super Phone born for Old Age India!

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A hero can be anyone. Even a man doing something as simple and reassuring as putting a coat around a young boy's shoulders to let him know that the world hadn't ended.”- Batman had told this to police inspector Jim Gordon in The dark Knight Rises. So true man! Unfortunately my willpower and upbringing has not been so steady and solid like Bruce Wayne (Batman) so I can't imagine myself serving much sacred purposes on my own. I know we're living in an age of technology where our morning is alarmed by a cellphone ring and night is ended with internation soccer match on a smart TV. So I want my mobile phone to do this honor, vesting it with a superpower to serve human race. I will be there like a silent but watchful guardian, directing and channelizing my mobile phone's special gift.
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Let's assume, impressed by my simplicity and inclination for righteousness, God Brahmma has blessed my phone with with a power to help aged people in trouble! I had lost my grandparents in childhood so I always missed their presence. May be that is the reason, old people in trouble, be it on road or neighborhood, bothers me. I see, as a human being gets old, his talks seem irrelevant to his offspring, actions seem intolerable and presence seems a headache. It is not only the financial problem he or she suffers from, it is the isolation and abandonment that destroys him! It is not the disease of old age but the feeling of desolation and hopelessness that kill most of aged people in our country. Many die even without notice of others because of the lack of ability to communicate or lack of reciprocation from the other end! So my superpower endowed mobile phone will start beeping whenever a old guy is in crisis, be it inability to cross the street or urge of defecation when nobody is there to help him to go to latrine. My phone's big display will show me the exact location of the person in need with voice assisted guidance to reach the person. You must be wondering how shall I sustain my life if I start helping hundred or thousand aged people by reaching them individually. Right. My phone's superpower will have that provision too. Till my objective is complete it'll freeze the time and after my mission of helping an old person is over it'll restore me with previous energy level so that I can resume my normal life. After all I am a common man too who fears the responsibility of a superhero! In most cases, it's not money but mere companionship and counseling that will sort out problems of old people in my radar. And when money is required to solve the issue, time will be frozen anyway so I will have enough time to think and overcome the old man's crisis. Brahmma Ji bless my super phone till eternity!
I cordially thank Asus for releasing their Zenfone series in India and giving me this opportunity to talk about the problems of older age group in our country. Whatever I talked was a much welcome fantasy but the features in Zenfone are real and no less than superpowers, with Intel processor, HD display, Gorilla glass, Pixel master camera, newest version of android, long battery life and what not and at amazing low prices which a common man can afford!!! I wish all the best to Asus Zenfone and pray God for wellbeing of all old individuals in this earth.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

My beautiful food - Chicken Zing Rice on Borosil's Vibgyor Milano Melamine Dinner Plate!

I know how difficult it is for a non-vegetarian to live with vegetables all around. You need chicken, mutton, egg and fish to enjoy life as a non vegetarian person. In all cooking blogs up to now I wrote mostly vegetarian foods except egg and now many readers are sending me mails and telephoning to request some non-veg item. It is satisfaction to hear how my cooking posts helping all who want to learn cooking but afraid of many available cooking websites telling hi-fi procedures. I keep my talk, procedures and requirements simple so that everybody can try to cook with success. Now I have cooked a non-veg fried rice variety, I call with love Chicken zing rice. Look at the golden rice over the exquisite borosil’s vibgyor Milano melamine dinner plate. You’ll love those peas, pieces of chicken raising their heads, faded bits of brownish carrots and last but not the least mind maddening fragrance of the chicken fried rice! I can’t wait to tell you the preparation before eating up the whole thing. You wait till I finish. I’ll be back in 5 minutes. I’m watering badly.

Having eaten the whole chicken zing rice I am happy and satisfied. So, I’ll teach you how to cook this in easiest way. Hear attentively or you can never be a tasty cook. Cook half cup of basmati rice and keep ready. Boil 100 gm of chopped chicken and keep it ready with you. Very finely chop half carrot, half capsicum, 3-4 green chillies, two onions, one tomato and keep ready. Fry two eggs and cut them into small pices like aanda bhurji and keep it ready with you. Heat 4 spoons of sunflower oil on a frying pan. When the oil is heated release your chopped veg stock and fry for four to five minutes in medium flame. Then drop the rice, half spoon salt, one spoon black pepper and two spoons of soya sauce over the frying pan and stir well to mix. Keep frying in low flame for another 4-5 minutes. Add the egg-bhurji and good quality tomato sauce. Your Chicken zing rice is ready. Serve with green salads. Enjoy the food.   

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My beautiful food - Exotic Mexican Rice on a Borosil Blossom Milano Melamine Dinner Plate!

In rainy days I like to try new things. It gives me sense of achievement. Today is one such day. It rained. So I need to try something new. Cooking a new item was a good idea and there’s a new cuisine over my dining table. Can you smell the wonderful mind boggling smell coming from that borosil’s exquisitely crafted blossomMilano melamine dinner plate? Look carefully what is lying over the plate to taunt your appetite. Three deep green rings of capsicum, pices of veggies, snowflake like cheese all ornamenting the cuisine. I am breaking your suspense. This is my exotic Mexican rice! Let me finish it up and then I’ll tell you how you too can prepare it.

Melt some butter in a bowl and add four to it. Stir it well. Mix a cup of milk with it. Add half spoon salt and one spoon sugar. Heat the whole mixture till it boils. Your white sauce is ready now. Cook half cup rice and keep it ready at hand. Chop finely vegetables like onion, tomato, carrot, capsicum etc and keep them ready. Take a big microwavable bowl and paint its inner surface with butter. Pour the rice, chopped veggies, sweet corn, and chilli powder onto the big glass bowl coated with butter and mix well. Pour the while sauce over the mixture. Throw five to six spoons of grated cheese  over the bowl. Put your master bowl inside microwave oven and bake for 8-10 minutes at 180 degree temperature. Your exotic Mexican rice is ready! Garnish it with any good thing you prefer, your guests will like it anyway, my guarantee! Cook it and let me know how I taught you ok?

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Thursday, July 3, 2014

My beautiful food - my Summer Special Mango Rice on Borosil Indigo Neuvo Melamine Dinner Plate!

It is time for mango. Everywhere you can buy mango now. Mango is renowned for its sweet pulp in whole world and we export a lot of mangoes internationally. So I thought why not cook a meal using this king of fruits- mango! At first look what I got over my dining table today. A steamy yellowish rice like thing over a beautiful Indigo neuvo melamine dinnerplate by borosil! Had it been anything other than my summer special mango rice the fine borosil plate would have stolen the show. But here the mango rice is emitting mind boggling scent. Coriander leaves how much hard they try can not hide the appeal of my cooked mango rice. My mouth is watering. Hold on I’ll have my mango rice first.

As I am done with my feast I can teach you how to cook summer special mango rice yourself and impress any mango lover guest or family members. Cook a cup of fine quality rice and keep it for future use in this recipe. Grate a large size mango and keep it. Heat two-three spoonful of sunflower oil over the pan. When the oil is heated nicely, release cumin seeds, black gram and chana daal one spoonful each item. Fry them briefly. Now release three cut open green chillies, small chopped ginger piece, bay leaf and half spoon turmeric powder. Pour in your mango stocked before and let it get cooked with a pinch of salt. Now pour the stocked cooked rice and mix everything very nicely and cook for another two minutes in low flame. Your summer special mango rice is ready to be served. Don’t be lazy, decorate its top with pieces of fresh dhania leaves. Enjoy mango in different way.

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My beautiful food - Special Noodles Cutlet on a Borosil Variety Platter Square!

Every one of you knows and love two minutes noodles called maggi. Either you cook it for your children’s school Tiffin or breakfast in hurry before going office. You don’t get time to think if these noodles can be cooked in some better way as you cook it as always pouring water and boiling. Now there is a beautiful variety platter square from borosil over my dining table and guess what it is containing! There’re eight croquette shaped light brown items, smelling awesome. From the look, courtesy to borosil glassware and mouth watering smell from the items of the platter you’ll mistake it for chicken cutlet. I tell you the secret it is my Special Noodles Cutlets.

Are you feeling greedy? Do you want to remake my dish? Ok I’ll teach you. Listen carefully then. Boil a packet of your noodles in water and separately boil two-three potatoes, and one carrot.  After noodles boiled cool in running tap water. Be careful it should not fall and block your kitchen sink. Mix you noodles with grated boiled potatoes and carrots and also two fresh chopped onions. Mix again with salt, coriander powder, chaat masala, garlic paste, chilli powder pressing properly so that you can make round dough like thing. From these measurements you will able to make eight cutlets. Heat sunflower oil over your frying pan and release your raw cutlets to fry till it gets light brown colour and beautiful smell.  If you are health conscious soak extra oil from cutlets with white tissues. Serve your special noodles cutlets with good quality tomato and chilli sauce. You will like it and also you guest will praise you. Enjoy this simple but tasty recipe.

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

My beautiful food - Stuffed Dalia Meal in a Borosil Mixing bowl!

Today I am back with another easily digestible and easy to cook meal. You must have eaten many times in your lifetime during courses of illness or weak health. I’ve already cooked my stuffed dalia. It’s emitting its ever inviting aroma while resting on the beautiful borosil’s mixing bowl. The flakes of fresh orange carrots, green peas are waving at my tongue where as potatoes, cauliflower pieces which were added has dived deep into the ocean and rejected to be back any soon. Dhania leaves are idle at surface as always. I’m very hungry now- stop me if you can!

I’ll teach you now how you can cook your stuffed dalia. Listen carefully as it’s very easy to make and really very nutritious, easy to digest and inexpensive meal! Heat two spoon of sunflower oil in a pressure cooker. When the oil is hot enough, drop a spoon of cumin seeds into it. Then pour a finely chopped onion and let it get fried to golden colour. Add small quantity of chopped ginger and two green chillies onto the cooker and fry for a while. Add a finely chopped tomato and fry for a minute. Add now your kept vegetables which may include chopped half carrot, a potato, small pice of cauliflower and 20-30 peas. Fry it well with rest of the things for 3-4 minutes. Add a cup of wet washed properly dalia and mix well and stir for another 2-3 minutes. Then add 700-800 ml water, add a spoon of salt and then close the pressure cooker lid and let it whistle for at least 10 times.

Good now your stuffed dalia is ready. Enjoy the feel and sense its aroma. Observe its compatibility with the wonderful borosil bowl and pat your own back!

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My beautiful food - Sada Khichdi on my bloom fidenza melamine dinner plate!

The steam coming out from the yellowish mass on my bloom fidenza melamine dinnerplate is filling up my dining room like light rain filling up the air outside my house. Nothing stylish about the meal on my borosil plate, looks more like yellow porridge with magic of light Indian spices. Nothing pleases your tongue more and suits your feeble stomach when you’re ill than this unsung cuisine. It’s called Sada Khichdi. It’s really easy to do and I will teach you now how to cook.

Put a cup of rice and half cup of moong daal in a sauce pan and rinse wash with tap water properly. Clean it well or you may get tummy aches later. Keep this rice and daal mixture ready. Heat two spoon of sunflower oil in a pressure cooker. When the oil is nicely heated add 2-3 cloves, small piece if cinnamon, and a spoonful of mustard seeds. Let them. After half a minute add some chopped ginger and garlic to your cooker. After another half minute pour in your rice and moong daal mixture. Add a spoon of salt and turmeric powder and 700-750 ml water. Mix it well. Close the lid and let it whistle for 2-3 times.

After 3rd whistle your sada khichdi is ready to be served. Enjoy its flavour and warmth on an elegant borosil dish. This is a very easy and quick meal; even bachelors who don’t cook can try. Tell me how you made it. I wait for your feedback.

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