Saturday, November 28, 2015

Brownie with Sugar free!

I love brownies like dogs love bones! I am not a good cook but when there is Internet there is way to do impossible feats and I finally succeeded in cooking brownies with sugar free as my today's dessert. I'll be sharing this sugar free brownie recipe with you. 

You will need:- 100 gm of butter, two eggs, five teaspoonful of Sugar free, one cup of chopped chocolate, half teaspoon baking powder, one cup flour, one spoonful vanilla extract and a pinch of salt.

This is how you need to cook it:- Mix the chopped chocolate and butter and heat it over low flame while stirring the mixture intermittently till it melts fully and mixes uniformly. Pour rest of your ingredients in a container and mix them uniformly. Add the previous molten chocolate mixture to this container and stir well once more so that everything blends proportionately. At last add the flour and mix it nicely to the preformed mixture. Put an aluminium foil over a baking pan and pour the content over it. Insert the pan an oven preheated to 400 degrees F. Bake it for half an hour. Take it out gently and let it cool down in half an hour. Cut it into yummy pieces of brownies and enjoy your own cooked sugar free brownies!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

About a #madeofgreat Lady!

It is truly said that every woman has some things that she is passionate about and things those collectively make her who she is. No woman is limited by a single label but there are multiple layers to her abilities and personality. Here I shall narrate about my cousin sister Sonal Di who is not only a very good human being but also a courageous woman, calculative entrepreneur and a loving mother of a eleven years boy! I'm so glad to get all positive influences from her and she is someone I undeniably consider #madeofgreat

The thing which connects Sonal di with the rest of the world is her compassion and empathy. Even though she is a busy businesswoman every week she makes it a point to visit particular temple of our city and give food and clothes to beggars. Usually you will find many rich people doing such as a part of their social responsibility but Sonal di spends time with those beggars and listens to their problems for hours like we do with our friends! Have you seen such an empathetic woman? At least I have not.

Sonal di has a postal stamp library. She is into philately for last two decades! She has more than thirteen thousand international postal stamps, some of which are more than hundred years old! She used to be a district level champion swimmer in her college days and got many awards. Unfortunately after her elbow operation five years back she had to leave swimming. But now she plays badminton!

As Sonal di is somewhat elder to me I have been observing her since my early childhood. She always visits relatives and friends, taking out time from her busy schedules. Once you visit her house you would know the meaning of real hospitality. She won't tell you no for anything but once she disapproves something nothing in the world can help you out! Thus she is a powerhouse of humanity, talents, bravery, determination and sportsmanship.

When Sonal di got married she used to have fascination for sarees, especially local silk sarees. She was also attached to a micro finance agency that dealt with local silk saree makers. Sonal di had planned to set up a Saree store and talked with bank on previous few occasions. But, after her marriage when she expressed her pending interest before her in-laws, they completely disapproved her idea and said “Daughter in law is supposed to take care of home, her husband and raise kids with high morals”. She didn't give up but at that moment she ensured not to plunge into argument with her mother and father in-law. She looked for support from her husband but he too seemed to be of the same mentality as his parents! Still she did not give up and waited patiently for the right moment.

After her son was born, she confronted her in-laws, “Look, now I have given you the flag bearer for your family. I have whole heartedly served you like my own mother and father. This time I am asking for a small permission of setting up a saree store. Either you give it to me or don't. If you permit I shall be a happy member of this family and strengthen the family economy contributing like your son. If you do not permit, I shall leave and that too with my kid.” What a tough conversation it must had been! Thus she got approval that day and since then there was no looking back for her.

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Another Someone who is #madeofgreat

If think deeply, for me, apart from my father if there is a second someone who is #madeofgreat it has to be none other than my uncle. I learnt the art of patience from my uncle. He is a very cool man. I never saw him agitated or shouting at anybody. In childhood when I forgot tables and committed the same mistake again and again I got scolding from mother, father but never from uncle. His patience was even talked about in whole family. When everybody shouted on delayed gas connection, everybody at home got restless and shouted at poor infrastructure and corrupt Government but uncle kept his faith strong on the power of patience.

I’ll narrate one story here today where you’ll be amazed by my uncle’s patience and salute my reason for considering him as someone undeniably #madeofgreat. Summer heat was getting out of control and we went for a pilgrimage trip. We mean- me, mother, father, uncle and aunt. We went to a Shiva temple. Our darshan was uneventful and all fared as per assumption. But while returning weather turned violent and nothing much we could do to return back home. In those days we were not having our own vehicle. Buses from there to our hometown got cancelled due to cats and dogs rain. But still, some pilgrims managed to book few ambassadors to return back home. They agreed to share the expense of cabs among themselves. Like everybody else my parents and aunt was happy too and nodded their heads for the same. After all what could be better than a same day return in a wicked summer tiring day! But somehow uncle didn't like the idea and he explained other three adults that there’s no harm in patiently waiting for the good weather as the temple had adjoining lodging facilities for the tourists. Everyone disagreed but seeing the raging lightning cutting through the horizon they had to sick back to uncle’s plan. Next day we came to know that the pool en route had broken down and two taxis packed with pilgrims fell from such height that they couldn't even get a chance to reach hospital alive. Well you may call it the power of intuition but I call it the boon of patience. My uncle left a lasting impression on me and so I consider him as someone who is #madeofgreat!

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Someone who is #madeofgreat

If I sit and think deeply, for me, my father is that someone who is #madeofgreat. He taught me in childhood how to eat, walk, sleep and stop crying. He taught me how o grow up even when the wind was strong. My father never let any adversity touch or pull down my moral. In this post about someone undeniably #madeofgreat I’ll speak only of my father who is not only my role model but also my first friend, philosopher and guide. If today I’m able to write good English it’s all due to him.

I have always seen that father never went out to work without having food, a habit that I acquired from him. We should not leave home in morning without having food because that causes acidity and also weakness. Moreover elders say it’s an ominous sign to leave food and go from home. So, father’s habit of leaving home only after food left a deep impression on me. I too noticed when I go out for work after eating my tensions are less and I can give maximum output. I totally love the way I acquired my father’s habit.

My father is very sincere in his duties too. I remember when we were children; many times we missed movie opportunities due to father’s overtime involvement in his organization. Those days it was tough to digest that what I know now as sincerity and dedication and prioritization for work. We should never mix up our professional and personal life and my father was the one who taught me this. Now I’m proud to be able to apply it in my daily life. Truly said, dad is his kid’s first hero and most ideal role model, most genuine and trustworthy off course! To all young kids there, my message would be love your dad the way he is, follow him and I’m sure you’ll be much more a refined and good human being.

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My take on Diwali styling with a twist!

This is my 4th contest/event with Jabong. I am yet to win any prize though. Wish me luck.

Diwali is the festival of light. Whole India gets festive in Diwali time. We eat good, feel good and dress good. So I am dressing up for Diwali in a way never-seen-before style by selecting awesome outfits from Jabong. I am embracing tradition my way and expressing my take on Diwali styling with a twist!

I'll be decorating myself with:-

1) Sanwara Printed Multi Colour Churidar Kurta Pyjama

2) Metro Tan Sandals

3) Ray Ban Aviator Large Metal

4) Michael Kors Mk8096 Copper/Rose Analog Watch

Hope respected judges like my
#traditionmyway styling and shower me with their kind blessings.