Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Stay connected to the game with UC Cricket!!!

In our country India, cricket is not only a game but a part and parcel of our lives. Even it is sometimes refered to as a religion! We can leave our works, choose cricket as our foremost priority and sit in the stadium for an entire day in extreme weather conditions to watch a full cricket match. It goes much beyond that. We can even sit for five consecutive full days to watch a slowly progressing test match which is heading towards a draw! Once a Russian diplomat after visiting or country was astonished to see our devotion and craze for this game called cricket and had commented “how the hell a country can progress if half of the population can readily waste full five days watching cricket matches?” Those days only test cricket used to be played. Neither we care for such criticism nor do we waste time in analyzing his criticism as constructive or useless one. Reason is only one- We love cricket and we are serious, sincere and totally dedicated towards this one and only game!

To watch a game of cricket, sometimes we bunk school, college, office, get scolding from parents, lie colleagues, make colourful plans with friends, fight with spouse and this list of what we do is endless! What we never do is cancelling the plan of watching a cricket match. It is that addictive and entertaining for Indian soul. So it would be great if we can keep track of all cricket matches, be it international or national through mobile phone as mobile phone is the only gadget we carry along with us almost twenty four hours except few hours of sleep. It is a different thing that majority of young generation folks keep their phones beside their pillows even when they are sleeping, ignoring the harmful effect of electromagnetic radiation on health. Recently when I came across a much needed news that UC Browser, the fastest mobile browser in the world has come up with the innovative facility- UC Cricket I was overwhelmed and genuinely relieved. UC Cricket is a free service by which we all cricket fans can keep track of all ongoing cricket statistics and news right in our smart phone screens with a single tap! Could it be any more easier than this? On behalf of all cricket loving human beings I would love to thank UC Browser most sincerely for launching UC Cricket and letting us to stay connected with live cricket maches 'on the go', while not missing chores of our professional or personal lives which are no less important if thought in rational mind! Previously few mobile apps were there but, either they were not free or they used to consume a lot of mobile data. Thankfully, UC Cricket is fast, free and minimum data consuming feature that is sure to capture hearts of billion cricket fans throughout the globe.