Saturday, January 31, 2015

Three reasons why I would prefer chat over a phone!

In a previous blog post I had written about how I would be using Quikr to my advantage if I have to relocate to Bangalore. Surprisingly the Bangalore Quikr page turned out to be the cheapest option for buying my basic start up goods and that made me a Quikr fan. Today I was overwhelmed to see that Quikr has introduced web-chat feature which is certainly a new idea and a welcome step to next generation buying or selling items. Here I will tell you how it is superior over other contact options.

I could directly tell you advantages of this Quikr chat feature but that won't help you to realize its importance unless you get a view of the present market options. At first let us discuss how the system works in other classified websites. There the seller puts up an ad of the item he wants to sell. Sometimes all the details are well enlisted by the seller with relevant photos of the product and his contact number or email address. But most of the time details are inadequate and photos are either taken from internet or simply absent! If you are a buyer either you have to mail or call the seller. Mailing is mostly a slow option and many people in India still do not check their mail inbox regularly. If you call the seller can be busy at that moment and may not be free enough or rather polite enough to interact with you in a way you would expect him to do. Keep it in mind, your phone balance is getting consumed whether the talk was productive or not! But with Quikr chat you are interacting in real time with buyers or sellers. Thus no waiting period, no monetary expenses and no psychological stress from any end!

In phone the buyer may express his desire to see few more clear photos of the product. If you are a seller you have to cut the call, take photographs and send to prospective buyer's email address. But with Quikr chat it can be done in less than a minute, thus making the whole process hell lot quicker! Quikr chat also enables you to hide you contact details, helping you to save your precious mail address or mobile phone number from people with doubtful intentions. Recently a lady known to me had put ad of her old books in another classified website. Since the day she had put her ad, she started getting objectionable calls and vulgar messages from various unknown numbers. Thus Quikr chat will help to avoid such unwanted scenarios for women in our society which is very essential. So, these are my overall three reasons for preferring Quikr chat over phone. Would you please explore Quikr and let me know what do you think about the amazing Quikr NXT?

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

It's just Quikr in Bangalore! My relocation plan!!!

I have heard too many good things about Bangalore as a city. So, when I came across this Happy Hour theme by Quikr and Indiblogger I loved the whole idea of relocating to Bangalore. Bangalore has excellent weather throughout the year, there are plenty of food options, city is clean, transportation is reliable and most importantly people are helpful to outsiders unlike many other places! In spite of all these merits, relocating to a new place is never quite easy without friendly or some professional assistance. Recently I have been hearing a positive reviews about Quikr website, connecting buyers and sellers throughout our country. You get new as well as used products as unbelievably low price at Quikr! So, as I'm relocating to Bangalore and I have no friend there who could help me in setting up my flat, Quikr seemed like the only trustworthy friend who could help. The moment I explored the Bangalore page for Quikr I was highly relieved. You know why? Because, everything that I ould be needing to start up with are all there and that too at rates, multiple times lower than market price!

Refrigerator is an essential thing for any home right? Every time you can not cook fresh food especially when you are living alone and has an office to attend from morning to evening. But if you visit an outlet nothing mediocre usually comes below fifteen thousand rupees. I searched for a refrigerator in Quikr and I managed to grab a 185 liter LG fridge (new looking!) for less than 6500 rupees!

Coming back to apartment, after office it will be so boring for non alcoholic if there's no other source of entertainment at home. So, I cleverly decided to get myself a television set from Quikr. I am not a big fan of LCD/LED/Plasma TV. Got a 29 inches Philips color TV for 6500 rupees. How could I ignore such deal?

Now comes essential furnitures- bed. While buying bed I could not accept the idea of an used bed by some stranger. To my surprise there I found a new queen size double bed only for a minium tag of 8500 rupees. I never thought that furnitures would come so cheap. Hats off to you guys a Quikr, you are doing a fabulous job

When someone visits me every time I can't make him/her stand outside door but can't welcome to sit over my bed. At around 6000 rupees Quikr introduced to me a good looking red five seater sofa. Then I too can invite my colleagues and Quikr made it possible!

Washing clotes was never my strong point. A washing machine is a must and Quikr acquainted me with a semi automatic washing machine for only 4000 rupees!

See, how easily I planned my relocation to Bangalore with help of Quikr, spending around only thirty thousand bucks!

(This is a Happy Hour topic, sponsored by Quikr in association with Indiblogger)