Monday, December 15, 2014

Yes or No to premarital sex?

Yes or no to premarital sex can be a tough question. But before answering you must consider your country, culture and political scenario. There are pros and cons for everything, be it democracy or dictatorship. Same goes for judgement or opinion regarding premarital sex. We love to give our opinions but seldom think whether we ourselves are going to follow those. So question is not what others should do but what we would choose to do. If I say yes to premarital sex young generations would become my fan and similarly if I say no to premarital sex elders of my generation would find my statement more justified. Although it is the righteousness that decides the merit of an act, acceptability is undoubtedly a factor too. We can not preach something where listeners don't understand our language.

So if you ask me whether I am for or against premarital sex I would say do whatever you like. Because you're responsible for your actions, not me. You'll experience whether it is pain or pleasure, not me. But if I am your guardian I would request you to reconsider having some patience as they say that fruits of patience are sweeter. Have a clear conscience, have safe sex and please use condoms. Now if I've to vote for Yes or No without justification, I would say NO considering the present social picture of India.