Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Make this Valentine's Day Special for you!

Make this V'day a grand one, make this February 2016 special for you by proposing your crush, assuming you have a special someone. Proposing your crush is one of the most exciting as well as nervous moments. But we have to do at some point of time or the other. Without taking chances in life nothing can be gained. Proposing one's crush is such a nerve wrecking moment that one may feel he is going to get the world under his belt in the next minute or the world is going to slip away from below his feet in the next! Only people who has tried the act would know what I meant. Well which can be a better date than the Valentine's Day, i.e. 14th February for proposing your crush, in case you have one. I'll be narrating here things I would do in your place if I have to propose my crush on this Valentine's Day. I would choose a Jadise Red Leather Handbag from Jabong as her V'day gift. Look how awesome does it look:
First things first. If you look filthy nothing can save you from a woman's negative scoring against your name. So, I will ensure that I meet her in proper outfit, decent haircut and a well shaved clean face. I do not care much on branded clothes and shoes but my emphasis would be the cleanliness, lack of wrinkles on clothes and shining polish of my leather shoes. After all being a gentleman does not hurt anyone's interest. I'll use light fragrance and some mild styling gel on my hair to keep it set and pure black. Bathing and brushing are always important whether you're going to meet your crush or your client, so, I'm not mentioning them separately.

Second thing is the venue. Valentine's day already invites a lot of couples in popular entertainment spots of the city. So, finding a private space free of unwanted noise would be a challenging task. After all when it comes to proposing crush you can't certainly invite her in a hotel room. You need to do a lot of research work to find an optimum venue. I love cricket and I have a club membership of Eden Garden stadium which would allow me to take my crush inside the relatively noise-free ground. I think it would be quite a romantic venue for the proposal!

Third thing is the added effects to create a magically romantic ambiance. I'll hire few club musicians to play at the background some soft melody, like they show in movies. I feel music and romance have parallel connection. I'll select tunes from Beethoven’s symphony. Just hope it works out for the moment!

Final thing would be my words. I am no poet or a singer. So, I'll search in internet best pickup lines and romantic proposals, memorize them, practice before the mirror at home and then deliver flawlessly on the special moment. Do you think my ways of proposing would fit you too? All the best! Make this special day grand and Happy Valentine's Day in advance.