Friday, August 21, 2015

Airtel 4G has arrived - The Fastest Network Ever!

I am an Airtel user since last 10 years. The reason is pretty simple. I get Airtel network even where electricity and drinking water fail to reach! Apart from their extensive network coverage things which kept me loyal to this telecom company all these years are clear voice quality, minimal call drops, most economic tariff plans and swiftest mobile internet. What else would you expect from your mobile telecom operator? Today I was so excited to know that Bharti Airtel limited has gone one step farther and upgraded to 4G service- Airtel 4G, the fastest network ever, as they are claiming it to be! If you were always unsatisfied with the speed of your current Internet service provider, Airtel 4G is the right thing for you. You do not have to stay awake whole night to download bulky files to avail cheap night time offers as offered by many Internet service providers, which harms your health and spoils your sleep cycle. You have to watch low resolution video streaming anymore as Airtel 4G is fabulous but not expensive at all! I will be narrating you what I will be doing with the unbelievable speed of Airtel 4G network under my hood. But before that few important things you must know for your general knowledge and better understanding. You will be double surprised to know that Airtel is providing this lightning fast 4G service at the cost of 3G- how amazing! Did you know that Airtel is the first telecom operator in our country to start this 4G service and that too across 296 cities? Airtel has made is more simplified for users like us to obtain a 4G enabled SIM card. If you have a 4G compatible mobile handset what you have to do is tweet #GetAirtel4G and let Airtel do the rest for you. You can relax in your home comfortably without thinking anything while Airtel will deliver a 4G SIM at your doorstep totally free of cost!

Now it is the time to talk about how I will utilize these incredible speeds of a mind-boggling 4G network. Due to weird office hours often I miss my favorite TV serials. Those TV serials are later watchable in HD quality through their respective TV channel websites and also in few third party websites with a nominal fee. I am talking of the legal way only. Otherwise billions of Internet users take the illegal approach to downloaded high quality pirated copies which I am strongly against of. So, I will be watching those serials flawlessly, with a lag through my Airtel 4G. Sometimes the TV cable malfunctions during a live game. In those situations I can watch the game online. Other than this I can upload my important documents and large files in reliable web storage services through my 4G network so easily and sleep peacefully without a fear of ever losing them. So what are your plans with #Airtel4G?