Tuesday, September 22, 2015

An advice which made my life!

In the previous article I had mentioned of Rahul Dravid's wise words from a TV commercial, “Advice toh sabhi dete hai,but the point is who you take it from”- So true! We come across only a hand few souls in your life whose #SachchiAdvice make/s real difference in our lives. Here I will write about another such advice that had changed my life.

Like many of you I, too, had a lot of apprehensions towards failures and setbacks initially. Certainly it is too hard to get rid your fears, anxieties and baseless worries. When you aren't unclothed to raw circumstances involving a chance of jeopardy, suffering or toil, you normally don't have the spirit to get into. Instead you try to find excuses to avert things and seem too unwilling to plunge in. I too used to be that kind of sloth. I tried to fancy things even if they seemed so far-flung and impossible. I thought over and over how to start an enterprise. I would think how to do it with a midget fund I had and most of all how to run a business smoothly with no previous exposure. I would get frigid with fright if I would go wrong and lose my little savings. The thinking was so awful that it would give me goosebumps.

But one piece of advice from an little acquainted friend changed my entire mind map. One day she asked me why I hadn't started my own business yet. I told her that I hadn't got adequate skill to start it and she told me sarcastically, “Buddy, how can you master swimming until you plunge into the water?” That one odd yet simple piece of advice was sufficient to ignite the flame in me. I am truly too thankful to that special person. Hadn't she told me that , I wouldn't have started my own venture until now? I had a stingy principle and I invested it in business and luckily it brought me earnings just after few months and it spiked my spirit and self-confidence so much that I never looked back again, and my journey is still on!

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