Thursday, May 7, 2015

What is this #EkNayiLeague Kapil is talking about?

Kapil Dev is one of those rare celebrities in Indian sports who is more idolized for the uniqueness of his achievements than those achievements in themselves. As he belonged to that glorious era of test cricket I would like to remind you of his test achievements in short- 5248 test runs and 434 test wickets simple say what an amazing bowling all-rounder he was! In front of these special feats when we think of how extraordinary he had been as Indian cricket captain we will surely get goosebumps. You all know why I used the word 'extraordinary'. Kapil lead our country in 1983 World Cup Cricket triumph which had revolutionized the entire cricketing history of this present day cricket-crazy nation. Today when I look at him with surprised wide open eyes in #EkNayiLeaguevideo, by seeing this 56 plus years veteran man I can very well assume how fit he had been in his cricketing days. Interestingly my assumption got supported by a trivia that I came across- Kapil Dev never had to miss a test match due to fitness reasons! Now a days thousands of ads are flooding the television or Internet. It is very difficult which one to trust as most of them are anchored on our favorite celebrities. So, why would one fall for this #EkNayiLeague promo? Well, a great man is not just known by his deeds but by his character. In 1987 Kapil Dev's honesty costed a match for India! This is the man in our #EkNayiLeague video. He always played from his heart, of course not to forget his prudent use of brains in formulating strategies as a captain. But in these campaign videos he says that if we play from heart we will get a googly, i.e. the man who have always given his efforts from heart is saying us something otherwise! There got to be some solid reasons right? Before trying to guess what is this #EkNayiLeague Kapil is talking about, I searched internet thoroughly, including all popular social media platforms known to me, but, I could not fetch any information that could satisfy my curiosity. This is the first time I came across such a secret campaign and that too by such a grand calebrity. In these videos Kapil Dev challenges few well known successful celebrities like- Dhoni (the great Indian cricket captain), Sania Mirza (Indian tennis superstar) and Kapil Sharma (much popular standing comedian). Probably Kapil is planning some television reality show. Although I can only guess but it can be a quiz show like Kaun banega croropati or a fortune show like Zada ya kum. In both ways, contestants can depend on hearts' sayings and if they have to win they have to use their brains perfectly. I can't guess anything much about #EkNayiLeague as of now and I would rather wait patiently as Kapil himself unfolds the reality!