Thursday, January 21, 2016

Old music once again!

I will narrate a story or rather Blog about how any situation would be charged with energy when a dancer's sensational moves and a singer's magical voice come together. It is more like a past recall for me. Ashu and Arushi are great in their respective fields as of today, i.e. dancing and singing, without a doubt. They used to be my college peers. We laughed together, ate together and bunked classes together. So, obviously it will be an enigmatic evening if a single stage holds both of them once again. All I can think are a bunch of lucky old college friends, throwing hats, whistling and clapping. Well, here I'll choose to imagine of a great moment when Ashu and Arushi are performing together after so many years in the same college stage! Let me dive into the world of soothing imagination and enjoy those rare beats of melody, beats of happiness and of course last but not the least, beats of life!

A big hall with perfect acoustic walls, packed with audience and dim lights are all you want to create the fore-ambience of a coming up celebrity on stage who can make the crowd crazy, can make the restless folks mute, can control all of them like a perfect magician. Here also with growing time, college students are getting somewhat restless. Most of them are checking their watches or mobile phones for time as if by checking multiple times they can make a difference. After mutual exchange of dissatisfaction kids start looking at other rows to spread the negativity and waves of impatience. Suddenly sweat trickles down the bald forehead of Mr. Sharma (a parent). “What the hell!”, he screams. How can he get sweaty in an expensive air conditioned auditorium! He gets scared if he is going to get a heart attack or some serious ailment because one of his friends had suffered the same condition a month back. When he tells his son he grins and says that the air conditioning is probably malfunctioning. They look around and see many people wiping their facial sweat with hankies. Now Mr. Sharma gets real mad. Like most other desi public he wants maximum value for his time. He has spent his whole evening for a college show and now how dare the organizer make him taste the heat of summer and delay of ex-student celebrities! The anger spreaded very fast throughout the hall and the head of organizer came to apologize and repaired the cooling fault. But now the issue is no more the air conditioning. Everyone wants celebrities on stage. At that very moment Ashu appears on stage with his perfect dance steps and Arushi singing with a smile, as if God sent them to manage the situation under control! Everyone gets awestruck and starts enjoying the magic of Ashu and Arushi with wide open eyes. I'll come up with more stories about Ashu and Arushi in subsequent posts.

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