Thursday, January 21, 2016

Music puts my baby to sleep!

Your child and you is always a complex yet beautiful interaction. Bedtime events are very essential to ensure that my baby sleeps peacefully and allows me to have a proper sleep for myself as well as for my spouse. Children have quite a lot of fickle mindedness and it takes a little or negligible stimulus to disturb them from their state of momentary bliss. Keeping babies asleep for around eight hours, i.e. the entire night is undoubtedly a big challenge for every parents, especially in the initial years. There are many parenting books or rather guidebooks available in the market which teach newbie parents how to tackle with their babies. But I personally feel that there is no fixed recommendation for the same and these ways of tackling our babies should certainly be tailor-made after understanding the demands and nature of individual babies. Coming back to the bedtime rituals, I have my own set of methods to put my baby in to a sound sleep.

I know my baby is very restless kind of human being. Unlike adults, restlessness in babies doesn't always sink down by the end of the day. So, my objective is based on the dampening of my baby's restlessness. Apparently it sounds so simple but it is never an easy thing doing in reality. I play baby songs in low volume for thirty minutes. It is a sort of conditioned reflex which my baby has acquired by now. Perhaps he knows that when I play the music player I wish him to fall asleep! Wait, it is not that simple too. Sometimes he gets irritated by the music track. In those times I instantly stop the damn music and try to sing with my hoarse voice. Somehow, my non-melodious voice pleases my baby's ears and he giggles at my poor attempts, as if slowly relaxing with every bad note.

In majority of those days when my baby digs the music and the melody takes a lead, he usually craves for few particular soft toys, favorite of which is a blue lion called Leo. Actually Leo is larger than him in size but he pretends to be the guardian of that poor thing. My baby tries to mimmick those steps on his soft toys, usually consisting of patting and caressing which I do on him. It is a sheer joy seeing his eyes slowly drooping down like a wax angel. Sometimes I wish I had someone to make me fall asleep. I know I am getting nostalgic and emotional but few emotions are hard to control, right? In remaining nights when the music player and my non-melodious voice fail to charm the kid, I take him to the terrace and walk slowly while patting his back. Either the darkness of the moonless sky or the dim light of the moon, coupled with the light breeze from the far away river bank helps my baby to fall asleep. Mostly it is the music that puts him to sleep!

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