Friday, January 22, 2016

Had chosen the hard way!

Life gives us various moments when the same we become best, better, good, bad, worse or the worst. Navigation is must in our life but we never know about the correctness of the path we're choosing! We do either the right thing or the wrong thing, or sometimes a wrong disguised as right. But in all these things we always have a motive behind the real act. Same goes for telling a truth or a lie. There's always a motive. So, it doesn't matter what you're speaking or doing, as everything is ultimately relative. Point is how genuine is your intention behind that truth or that lie. Anyway I'll tell a story today (personal experience) about a time in my life where navigating to the truth was the right thing to do!

We were in college, charged with impulses, emotions and urges to get along with the other gender. Being from a pure boys' school breed, there had been no proper interaction with the other gender in my life previously. Same was true with my other two-three close friends. They all were as if starving to be in friendship with college girls. Honestly so was I! In the beginning of the college you presume certain things and later your blindfold gets loose and you see through more things, even your own actions. I did some good, some shameful and few very bad things during those days, as I analyze them today. Today's story belongs to that class of black deeds for which till today I ask myself if I really did the right thing!

After final year result was out, my best friend Govind rang to my home one afternoon (mobile phone was not there those days) and requested me to meet in college canteen. There was excitation in his voice as evident from the trembling nature. I asked him for a trailer but he did not agree to reveal any secret in advance. While going to college meeting spot, I dragged Manu, our mutual good friend along with me from his house. There was a shyness in Govind's eyes as he unraveled the news- “I am going to get engaged pals! My life is going to change forever, for good. I am super excited brothers. I was never so happy before. Pinch me once to confirm that I am not dreaming, please Tilak.”

Things passed quite fast after that and Govind could hardly give us time due to his personal commitments. We turned up at his house on the day of engagement. Those days carrying a photo of every other person in mobile was not in fashion as there was no digitalization and gadgets then. So, me and Manu were yet to get a glimpse of Govind's going to be bride. We were very excited for that one glimpse. The moment I saw the bride, gorgeously dressed in traditional clothes I was shocked and my heart almost came out of my mouth! It was the very girl with whom I had a relation a year back which was more of a physical nature. She was mean and a reputed liar. Later as she showed her colours and I too eventually understood her nature we had broken up. Now how come my dear friend Govind got trapped to that inappropriate lady, it was impossible for me to digest!

It was never easy but that day I argued with the person inside me thousand times before taking a step. I gathered courage and told everything about that girl to Govind. Later the marriage was canceled. Till date I do not know whether it was a right or wrong thing, but for me, that day telling the truth was really essential. I think I navigated to the right path!

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