Thursday, January 21, 2016

Music fantasy engulfed me for one last time!

In my last blog post I had taken you to my beautiful musical world of imagination where two of my old college pals Ashu and Arushi had tamed a hall full of impatient college audience with their heavenly dance and music. Owing to the ongoing blog marathon, I am lucky to sit idly, close my eyes for the second time so that I can fantasize with my sweet reminiscence and Blog about how any situation would be coated with the magic of music when Ashu's sensational moves and Arushi's magical voice come together! Who doesn't know these young, charismatic and extremely talented regional celebrities well known for their dancing and singing skills respectively. So, here I will recreate Ashu and Arushi's live concert magic once again, in a slightly different background.

A group of Indian passengers are sitting in international lounge at Qatar airport and waiting for their connecting flight to Cape Town. Sitting for five damn hours is never easy and after that when your flight delays for another seven hours it surely becomes hell. There are two breastfeeding kids in the group of passengers and two extremely old passengers, one of them with a walker. A brown haired middle aged man approached the airline counter and came back with a grumpy face. At first he told something to his family. Then another couple of men approached him with sheer curiosity to inquire their flight status. Human psychology is pretty weird. We get curious on things which are not our real problems but just distractions to that. To men who approached the brown haired man pretended to be curious about their flight status but actually they wanted to know what made that guy pissed off. In a nutshell, junk informations are our source of entertainment for sure! Then rest of the passengers gathered around him as he disclosed the reason of his mood swing. The airline executive had refused to give him access to their executive lounge or rest room when he had asked that his wife needed some privacy to breastfeed their infant! Undoubtedly it was not a polite gesture from the airline, especially so when the delay in flight was their liability. Other passengers, mostly women approached to the airline counter to lecture on the lessons of basic etiquettes and humanity. But the executive vanished in the meantime! All they could do were screaming, ranting and cursing the airline company. Had it been their homeland there could be some acts of vandalism too. Just then all heard a heavenly voice and a young enigmatic man arrived dancing on the lounge, as if sent from some other planet to monitor humanity! Oh it was none other than my best pals, Ashu and Arushi! In five minutes of fabulous dancing and singing duo charmed those impatient passengers and kept entertaining them till their flight arrived.

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

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