Thursday, January 21, 2016

Now get used to overwhelming compliments!

Do you want your skin to be complimented as fantastico? Then first thing you got to do is shifting from your artificial chemical products to herbal ones. It is truly said that our ancient Ayurveda has various benefits over cosmetic facial cleansing regimes and Ayurvedic formula when blended with the microbicide properties of turmeric prevents oily skin, fights pimples and also clears blackheads. I wonder, even after knowing these why we modern human beings fall for expensive chemicals marketed as facial cleansers. Today I will talk about some of the natural and simple skin care tips which my readers can easily try without any fear of rashes or hypersensitivity reaction to get not just smooth skin but I call it fantastico!

Pimples are probably the most common and widely found skin problem which bother my beauty conscious readers. Right? So, I will talk about different natural remedies of pimples. Before telling these I want to warn you of synthetic remedies available in market. Please do not try them on your delicate facial skin as they won't cure your pimples permanently and they can harm the skin as well. Citrus fruits, especially lemon juice rich in vitamin C, can be used to treat pimples. Squeeze two lemons and apply its juice over your pimples affected skin with a soft clothe or cotton swab. Allow it to dry properly. Wash off with cool water. Repeat this twice a day for a week to cure your pimples! Garlic contains sulphur and it is quite effective against pimples. Slice a clove of garlic and rub its juice on your pimples. Allow it to dry and then wash your face with cool water. Repeating it thrice a day for three to four days shows effective result. You can also treat pimples with natural honey as it contains natural antibiotics. However bland cucumber tastes, when used with honey and lemon it shows wonderful action against pimples. Paste cucumber in a blender and add lemon juice with a spoon of honey. Apply the paste over your face like face mask. Allow it to dry and then wash it off with warm water. Repeat it daily for seven days for guaranteed results. Tomato juice, papaya juice, egg white, neem paste, turmeric powder paste, steam bath etc are other natural alternatives to cure pimples.

If you want to make your locks bit extra shiny follow this simple natural technique- add an egg to a mashed banana. Apply the paste on your hair. Allow it to settle for half an hour. Wash your hair under cool water. That's it! Your elbows and knees sometimes look pretty ugly and shabby right? Don't worry, you can easily exfoliate the dry and dead skin over its surface which is making it look ugly. Rub pieces of orange over them and let it dry. Wash it off and you are done! Are you frustrated of black heads? Don't worry. Mix few drops of lemon juice with natural honey. Apply it over your black heads. Let it dry and wash off. You are good to repeat it few more times in coming days to get rid of all those black heads! Friends, if you have natural and simple skin care tips please share them with me in comment section. Meanwhile try these tips and get used to overwhelming compliments.

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