Thursday, January 21, 2016

Keep your kid peppy!

Keeping your child peppy is a a big responsibility and a major part of your family life. What makes my baby peppy is a very tender and sweet discussion. If you ask to any father or mother the reaction will be more or less same, because, babies' demands are universal and certainly not materialistic like adults. Tiny things are usually sufficient to bring happiness in my baby. My baby has specificity but never high demands! So, today I will tell you about few sweet, silly and fun things those keep my baby peppy.

Basically I am a person with least earthly demands. So, possibly my baby inherited that quality! Whenever I see shades of unhappiness in my baby, I play his favorite rhyme tracks. Those are musical version of nursery rhyme. Although he is too small to understand those rhymes I have observed that “twinkle twinkle little star” makes him most euphoric. He bends his head backwards and sways it sidewise, giggling with every rising notes. It's simply a pleasure to watch. My baby also likes to bite soft milk chocolate bars with his few tiny milk teeth. Unlike other over-concerned parents I do not discourage him from taking chocolates as I know it won't affect his teeth or cause cavities if I get his teeth properly brushed, regularly. Moreover, if you become strict about your baby's health from point of idealism you will most probably kill his peppy self.

My baby gets quite peppy when a particular cartoon show is telecasted in television. It is Adam's Family. Again I am very sure that my cute-pie understands nothing that's going on in that television show but I think the unpredictable soundtracks or background music pleases him.

In a local auction shop I had bought an old wooden cum brass rattle for keeping it as a showpiece. Unfortunately it is no more a showpiece and fortunately it gives immense joy to my baby. Due to its vintage nature the rattle is somewhat heavy with respect to my baby and when he fiddles with it, if you see from a distance you will be amused thinking whether the rattle is playing with my baby or he is playing the rattle! Another thing that draws my baby's attention for good is a blinking night lamp that we place over the bedside table. It emits different colors of light which rotates like a whorl. The lamp also helps to put my baby into sleep after a brief period of ecstasy. Good thing is he never care to crawl towards the lamp or throw his arms to grab it. He's a silent and blissful observer. These are few things which keep my baby peppy. Please share the same which are applicable for your baby so that other parents are benefited too.

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