Thursday, January 21, 2016

Bad body odor has a strong negative impact on your public image!

How to remain smell-free in summer is a big challenge for city dwellers and people who need to commute in the public transport, for them the bigger challenge waits anytime- how to deal with smell people all around! Foul smell from our body can quickly create a negative impact in people around us. Some will have smelly armpit, other will have smelly shirt and few will go to the extent of maintaining smelly head! Simply it is horrible and grossly unacceptable! Honestly speaking, bad body odors can create an impactful and lasting bad impression. 

Once I was commuting in a city bus and like most of the days it was over packed. Hardly there was place to stand, leave aside sitting. Among many others, one guy at my right was dozing off pressing his sweaty smelly armpit portion against my cheek (Alas my short height!). I pushed him awake few times but all in vain. Then I raised my voice and asked him, "Uncle doesn't she get angry by this foul odor... I mean aunty...??? Or, is she fed up with it?" The smelly moron got properly disheartened but seeing a dozen of faces staring at him curiously couldn't give me any reply... silently boarded down the bus in next stop!

Now I'll share another such funny but disgusting memoir of impactful bad body odor.

It was a family get together in summer vacation and I was in class 8 or 9. Occasion was perhaps my parents' belated marriage anniversary A far away relative who claims to be my aunt had arrived late when the last batch for lunch had sat which included me, after taking tare that others have been properly treated. She was a long long ago "past middle aged" obese lady, with extravagant makeup and boasting nature. She used to claim that she spends her summer in London in her son's place to avoid the sticky unbearable heat of India! We always had doubt whether her son was really working in Europe or some Gulf country... anyway! When she entered the hall she was drenched in sweat, huffing puffing her way, gave a plastic smile to all of us sitting with our plate.
"Oh last time didn't I tell you to fix an AC Meenu?" she complained at my mother.
I was praying that she shouldn't spot me in her second sight but my worst fear got materialized. She came running to me and hugged me from back of the chair. A strong foul odor invited my nausea and the piece of papad dropped down from my mouth to oblige the plate!
I screamed revengefully, "Aunty, how long it has been since you haven't taken a bathe? Is it why you fly to London to escape taking bath???"
Impact of what I had said was no less than a family earthquake and I better don't recapitulate that unpleasant episode in finer details.

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