Friday, January 22, 2016

Children can pep up your vacation!

It is said that children are forms of God and there is also the common saying that travelling is a part of education. The relevance in mentioning these two seemingly different sayings lies in the strange nervousness among newbie parents when it comes to travelling with their kids. They are simply scared. They are scared merely by the thought, leave alone trying it out! Every good reward needs some sincere planning. Once your travel planning is proper, children can really pep up your vacation! So, instead of postponing your travel plans why not take few simple measures so that your kids have the best of times during their vacations and you can have great time as well?

Being a traveler when my kid was small first thing I had to ensure was not to put a long break to my travel plans and at the same time not to compromise on taking care of my little angel. Undoubtedly it was easier to plan than execution. There were plenty of challenges and my boy was no easy man to agree to my moving nature. But with proper planning, patience and persistence I had managed to overcome the hurdle. Yes I really made my kid a part of most of my travel sagas and he too, as they say “like father like son” gradually developed the affinity of travelling, like baby cubs learn tearing fleshes! Today I shall share with you those old research secrets so that you too can make your kid an integral part of your traveling and amplify the fun of your vacation!

First step is to understand your baby. See, he is a living entity with wishes which you must respect and take care of if at all you intend to make your vacation fun filled. Kids are undoubtedly unpredictable but at the same time, unlike us they are easier to satisfy with small rewards or change in situations. Do not ever tell a direct ‘no’ to your kid. At first make a primary survey of his demand and judge how justifiable it is. It is wise to be open minded and unbiased. Being a kid doesn't always ensure that his demands would be silly. In cases where you think that your kid’s demand is irrational, check whether it is harmful for him. If there’s no harm just agree to that during your travel itinerary to keep things under control. If you feel it is harmful offer him an alternative distraction which you know he can’t refuse! Do not make him feel he is being denied.

Other than this basic knowledge of kid psychology, be careful in your packing items. Your handbag must contain an extra pair of clothes for your kid, his food and the toy he is maximum attached to. Take care of your kid and I assure you your kid would take care of your fantastic vacation and make it enough peppy for you two!

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