Wednesday, July 2, 2014

My beautiful food - Sada Khichdi on my bloom fidenza melamine dinner plate!

The steam coming out from the yellowish mass on my bloom fidenza melamine dinnerplate is filling up my dining room like light rain filling up the air outside my house. Nothing stylish about the meal on my borosil plate, looks more like yellow porridge with magic of light Indian spices. Nothing pleases your tongue more and suits your feeble stomach when you’re ill than this unsung cuisine. It’s called Sada Khichdi. It’s really easy to do and I will teach you now how to cook.

Put a cup of rice and half cup of moong daal in a sauce pan and rinse wash with tap water properly. Clean it well or you may get tummy aches later. Keep this rice and daal mixture ready. Heat two spoon of sunflower oil in a pressure cooker. When the oil is nicely heated add 2-3 cloves, small piece if cinnamon, and a spoonful of mustard seeds. Let them. After half a minute add some chopped ginger and garlic to your cooker. After another half minute pour in your rice and moong daal mixture. Add a spoon of salt and turmeric powder and 700-750 ml water. Mix it well. Close the lid and let it whistle for 2-3 times.

After 3rd whistle your sada khichdi is ready to be served. Enjoy its flavour and warmth on an elegant borosil dish. This is a very easy and quick meal; even bachelors who don’t cook can try. Tell me how you made it. I wait for your feedback.

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