Monday, June 23, 2014

My beautiful food - Breakfast Poha in a Borosil Mixing Bowl!

The beaten rice has put on weight, may be effect of its neighbouring peanuts giving me full grins. The curry leaves settled discretely over the content of the transparent borosil mixing bowl are adding weightage to worldwide ‘go green’ campaign. Some green chillies are playing hide and seek. Onions have totally mixed up with the beaten rice as if they were born to marry. Leaving apart the visual delight, the aroma of the hot Poha is good enough to salivate anybody waiting for his breakfast!

I will take my share of neatly cooked Poha and along with it I will also help you to learn how to make tasty Poha for morning breakfast. Listen to me attentively dear friends. Take two cups of beaten rice and wash them in clear water, washing thoroughly and patiently till you feel it has softened. Then drain out the water. Add a spoon of sugar, half spoon table salt and a pinch of turmeric powder to the wet beaten rice and mix it well. Don’t smash the mixture be careful. Keep your vegetable ingredients- chopped onions, green chillies, grated carrots and boiled peas ready. Heat two spoon of sunflower oil over a frying pan and release half a spoon of mustard seeds over the heated oil. Slowly add your vegetables and sauté for two minutes. 8-10 Curry leaves can be added at last along with 10-20 peanuts (depending on your diet plan) and stir it well. Add the beaten rice to the pan and remix it again. Cover the lid and let it steam for five minutes. Open the lid to get the irresistible scent of well cooked Breakfast Poha! Now pour it over the borosil mixing bowl and squeeze half a lemon followed by fresh coriander leaves for a refined breakfast feeling. Enjoy my breakfast Poha!  

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