Thursday, July 3, 2014

My beautiful food - Special Noodles Cutlet on a Borosil Variety Platter Square!

Every one of you knows and love two minutes noodles called maggi. Either you cook it for your children’s school Tiffin or breakfast in hurry before going office. You don’t get time to think if these noodles can be cooked in some better way as you cook it as always pouring water and boiling. Now there is a beautiful variety platter square from borosil over my dining table and guess what it is containing! There’re eight croquette shaped light brown items, smelling awesome. From the look, courtesy to borosil glassware and mouth watering smell from the items of the platter you’ll mistake it for chicken cutlet. I tell you the secret it is my Special Noodles Cutlets.

Are you feeling greedy? Do you want to remake my dish? Ok I’ll teach you. Listen carefully then. Boil a packet of your noodles in water and separately boil two-three potatoes, and one carrot.  After noodles boiled cool in running tap water. Be careful it should not fall and block your kitchen sink. Mix you noodles with grated boiled potatoes and carrots and also two fresh chopped onions. Mix again with salt, coriander powder, chaat masala, garlic paste, chilli powder pressing properly so that you can make round dough like thing. From these measurements you will able to make eight cutlets. Heat sunflower oil over your frying pan and release your raw cutlets to fry till it gets light brown colour and beautiful smell.  If you are health conscious soak extra oil from cutlets with white tissues. Serve your special noodles cutlets with good quality tomato and chilli sauce. You will like it and also you guest will praise you. Enjoy this simple but tasty recipe.

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