Saturday, July 19, 2014

My Super Phone born for Old Age India!

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A hero can be anyone. Even a man doing something as simple and reassuring as putting a coat around a young boy's shoulders to let him know that the world hadn't ended.”- Batman had told this to police inspector Jim Gordon in The dark Knight Rises. So true man! Unfortunately my willpower and upbringing has not been so steady and solid like Bruce Wayne (Batman) so I can't imagine myself serving much sacred purposes on my own. I know we're living in an age of technology where our morning is alarmed by a cellphone ring and night is ended with internation soccer match on a smart TV. So I want my mobile phone to do this honor, vesting it with a superpower to serve human race. I will be there like a silent but watchful guardian, directing and channelizing my mobile phone's special gift.
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Let's assume, impressed by my simplicity and inclination for righteousness, God Brahmma has blessed my phone with with a power to help aged people in trouble! I had lost my grandparents in childhood so I always missed their presence. May be that is the reason, old people in trouble, be it on road or neighborhood, bothers me. I see, as a human being gets old, his talks seem irrelevant to his offspring, actions seem intolerable and presence seems a headache. It is not only the financial problem he or she suffers from, it is the isolation and abandonment that destroys him! It is not the disease of old age but the feeling of desolation and hopelessness that kill most of aged people in our country. Many die even without notice of others because of the lack of ability to communicate or lack of reciprocation from the other end! So my superpower endowed mobile phone will start beeping whenever a old guy is in crisis, be it inability to cross the street or urge of defecation when nobody is there to help him to go to latrine. My phone's big display will show me the exact location of the person in need with voice assisted guidance to reach the person. You must be wondering how shall I sustain my life if I start helping hundred or thousand aged people by reaching them individually. Right. My phone's superpower will have that provision too. Till my objective is complete it'll freeze the time and after my mission of helping an old person is over it'll restore me with previous energy level so that I can resume my normal life. After all I am a common man too who fears the responsibility of a superhero! In most cases, it's not money but mere companionship and counseling that will sort out problems of old people in my radar. And when money is required to solve the issue, time will be frozen anyway so I will have enough time to think and overcome the old man's crisis. Brahmma Ji bless my super phone till eternity!
I cordially thank Asus for releasing their Zenfone series in India and giving me this opportunity to talk about the problems of older age group in our country. Whatever I talked was a much welcome fantasy but the features in Zenfone are real and no less than superpowers, with Intel processor, HD display, Gorilla glass, Pixel master camera, newest version of android, long battery life and what not and at amazing low prices which a common man can afford!!! I wish all the best to Asus Zenfone and pray God for wellbeing of all old individuals in this earth.

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