Saturday, July 5, 2014

My beautiful food - Chicken Zing Rice on Borosil's Vibgyor Milano Melamine Dinner Plate!

I know how difficult it is for a non-vegetarian to live with vegetables all around. You need chicken, mutton, egg and fish to enjoy life as a non vegetarian person. In all cooking blogs up to now I wrote mostly vegetarian foods except egg and now many readers are sending me mails and telephoning to request some non-veg item. It is satisfaction to hear how my cooking posts helping all who want to learn cooking but afraid of many available cooking websites telling hi-fi procedures. I keep my talk, procedures and requirements simple so that everybody can try to cook with success. Now I have cooked a non-veg fried rice variety, I call with love Chicken zing rice. Look at the golden rice over the exquisite borosil’s vibgyor Milano melamine dinner plate. You’ll love those peas, pieces of chicken raising their heads, faded bits of brownish carrots and last but not the least mind maddening fragrance of the chicken fried rice! I can’t wait to tell you the preparation before eating up the whole thing. You wait till I finish. I’ll be back in 5 minutes. I’m watering badly.

Having eaten the whole chicken zing rice I am happy and satisfied. So, I’ll teach you how to cook this in easiest way. Hear attentively or you can never be a tasty cook. Cook half cup of basmati rice and keep ready. Boil 100 gm of chopped chicken and keep it ready with you. Very finely chop half carrot, half capsicum, 3-4 green chillies, two onions, one tomato and keep ready. Fry two eggs and cut them into small pices like aanda bhurji and keep it ready with you. Heat 4 spoons of sunflower oil on a frying pan. When the oil is heated release your chopped veg stock and fry for four to five minutes in medium flame. Then drop the rice, half spoon salt, one spoon black pepper and two spoons of soya sauce over the frying pan and stir well to mix. Keep frying in low flame for another 4-5 minutes. Add the egg-bhurji and good quality tomato sauce. Your Chicken zing rice is ready. Serve with green salads. Enjoy the food.   

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