Monday, June 23, 2014

My beautiful food - Aanda Fried Rice on a Borosil Pizza Plate!

They say egg is a complete protein, so in this blog post I’ll describe a simple meal whose primary component is egg (Aanda)- no prize for guessing it now, it is Aanda fried Rice! Too Yummy if you are an egg lover, right??

I’m adding ½ cup of water, a pinch of table salt and a spoonful of soya sauce onto a pan and letting the water to boil. As the water starts boiling, I pour half cup of basmati rice to it and stir the mixture over flame for ten seconds. I take the pan off the flame and cover it with a lid for eight to ten minutes. Now I’m heating one spoon of sunflower oil over a frying pan in medium heat and when the oil is ready I add finely chopped onions, green beans and carrots. Ah I love the smell and gust of smell the moment I release the over the heated oil! Sauting them for two minutes gives them a golden tinge and I know it’s time to pour over those two beaten eggs. Now I’m gently frying and scrambling the egg portion. I prefer to add quater spoon of desi ghee for flavour. I’ll add the rice mixture now over this content of frying pan and mix well over flame for 20 seconds. Wow I can smell my Aanda fried rice!!!

I could actually take out my borosil’s melamine dinnerware but I found it easier for finishing up this all in one meal over a beautiful borosil pizza plate. What I’ve made is for both of us, so you too come up fast or the food will get cold. The green beans emitting the aroma of ghee, is staring at me trying to lure my hunger. The golden brown basmati rice ornamented with bits and pieces of eggs and pyramid shaped chips of carrots are teasing my tongue too. I can’t hold it anymore, I’ll sit down with my spoon. Don’t worry if you’re late and your Aanda rice gets cold, don’t worry. Because when you come I can put your plate into the microwave oven and serve you in 2 minutes, yap my borosil pizza plate is microwave friendly!!! I will cook something else in my next post.

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