Tuesday, March 24, 2015

I am going to Guptaji's house for nashta!!!

I am not much of a breakfast person. I take coffee and cookies in the morning and take my next food when I get opportunity or hunger, whichever arrives earlier. But I know it is very healthy to start your day with a heavy breakfast. You will be encouraged to know that whatever rich you eat in your breakfast, usually get digested as body is in its best shape in the morning hours. So, when I came to know of “Kellogg's Waale Guptaji ka Nashta” I was not much interested in the beginning. With over a hundred yummy recipes, Guptaji’s family surely knows how to whip up the perfect breakfast for any occasion but as I told you before I am not used to with having breakfast on regular basis. Yet, my inner voice provoked me to visit Guptaji's Facebook page to find why everybody around them are so interested to have breakfast with them. Well, to speak the truth, I got clean bowled as soon as I read couple of their breakfast recipes and today through this blog post I will tell you why I would want to visit their house for Nashta (breakfast).

I have been invited previously in several occasions to neighbors', friends' and relatives' places for food, be it breakfast, lunch, snacks or dinner. Many of those invitations remained memorable since they served mouthwatering food. Tasty food gives unlimited gratification but as soon as you finish it like a hungry monster the first worry that encircles you is the prospect of digestion and the calorie you consumed! What I have observed is, unlike Guptaji's Family, most other hosts only focus on taste, not the nutritional aspect of the food. Spicy foods with potency to cause Delhi belly is the hallmark of our tasty food. But it is to be remembered that those unforgettable yummy foods can't be swallowed on a daily basis if at all you want to remain healthy. Right now, midst those hundred healthy breakfast recipes, Cornflakes Coconut Ladoos of Gupta family caught my maximum attention. Those six globular ladoos, with polygonal mosaic pattern over them, definitely looking crispy, sitting comfortably over a thin layer of crunchy Kellogg's cornflakes, on a fine looking spindle shaped white tray looked simply irresistible! Strikingly I came to know that such awesome preparation can be made in just ten minutes! The ingredients were not only very minimum and easily obtainable but also with high nutritional value. All you need are- two cups of crushed Kellogg's corn flakes, two tablespoon of chopped mixed nut, a quarter cup of condensed mild, a quarter cup of ghee and some desiccated coconut! So, I have my reasons ready to visit Guptaji's house for Nashta. Moreover they are very cultured and hospitable human beings. Who won't like them? You may also check their Facebook page for fantastic recipes and tell me why would you want to visit Guptaji's family for Nashta.

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