Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Couples need to bring back the touch!!!

It was their 3rd marriage anniversary. Like every other day Rita woke up at 5:30 in the morning to prepare Rahul's office tiffin. There was some expectation from her side as a caring housewife to be wished “happy anniversary” by her man but from deep within she was afraid. The reason for her hidden fear was her experiences so far with Rahul in last three years. He had always managed to forget their anniversary dates and her birthday too. His excuse has always been his weak memory. Rita is a very soft natured woman and she hardly demands or even stands up for anything. So, it always ended up with a “sorry darling, it won't happen again” type of casual apology.

In the breakfast table they had some random talks regarding house bills and newspaper but nothing close to their anniversary crept up. He left with a routine bye. Rita's eyes were wet but silent as always. In the middle of the day she got call from her maternal house and also from her friends. They seemed more excited in her marriage anniversary than she herself was! She thanked all of them dryly and struggled the whole day to keep Rahul and his indifference out of her mind. Obviously she didn't forgive him.

Rahul returns late at night, sometimes after ten. It was one such day. There was not even a single call from him in the entire day. Rita kept his dinner covered on the table and went to bed early, perhaps to avenge against her husband's whole act of insincerity. Rahul keeps a duplicate key to their apartment. She was pretending to sleep and following Rahul's footsteps with attentive ears. She sensed him approaching towards the bed. Her heart beats increased. He caressed her locks and planted a kiss on her cheek. “Did you think I forgot our anniversary darling like every other year?”, he spoke softly near her ear. She got up from the bed in excitation. She didn't know how to react to this unexpected moment. There were drops of tear in her eyes. Rahul embraced her tightly. Their anniversary took a new colour!

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